Decisions, Decisions….

If you didn’t know, I play:

Love LOVE it. The story, the customization, the people. I am fine and dandy. And lately, a huge part of what I have been trying to figure it out how I want my characters to look. right now, I am working on my Level 80 Elementalist. Oyoa Alula (I believe is how I spelt it. I may have to correct that later.) I finally used my transform items and have created the following look:

gw001Honestly, I made a character with light armor purely to make her cute. I will not lie about that in the least. She is okay, there are some dungeon outfits I would rather prefer, but for now, I am happy. I also have a cool looking samurai looking girl who is a Ranger. I plan on doing some dungeons with her as well to get the look I want for her. But for now, my Sylvari looks like:

gw002But I will continue to look for more looks to see what I like best. Until then, ciao!


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