Nerding Out.

Yesterday, my husband and I went to

When I spotted something amazingly awesome. I do have to warn you, my favorite game series of all time is Zelda.

That’s right:

And so, of course, I went over to the Nintendo section when I saw this:

Not going to lie.. I really want it. I don’t even have to use it for a 3DS. I would carry notebooks (I do have some really small ones) and pens. And my phone/wallet. I would be so happy. And with all of the store credit we got for trading in some games we received, we will probably be getting it soon. But I have to admit, I have a weakness for Zelda stuff. And my husband is just used to it.

It is a game series I have loved since I was a child. And this nice looking pouch is definitely something I would love to own. And probably will own. And I hope to own the Zelda version 3DS someday. *laughs*

Can’t help it, it is an amazing series.


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