Playing With Friends.

Yesssss. My friends are slowly able to come back! (To Guild Wars.) Life happens, which means that gaming can slow down, but I am super excited that my best friend has gotten back on the past couple of days and I was able to play with her! ❤

And I think we look pretty neat.

I had to take a picture of us because I just love our looks. She did an Engineer for this particular character, and as you can see, the same Elementalist that I  have posted before. When I play with anyone (besides my sister) she is the one I use. When I play with my sister, I use my Sylvarian Ranger. When I am alone, I work on different characters. Right now, mostly my Asuran Engineer but I am tempted to do my Norn Thief. (Sorry my Charr… it just isn’t calling me yet.)

Oh, and this area is HORRID:

Dredge areas make the Quaggan areas AND the centaurs looks GOOD. And I strongly dislike both areas! (Not a fan of swimming, and the Centaurs just get annoying.) I was LOVING centaur areas and swimming after tacking this horrid area. It was crazy. T.T

Let’s just say I am not a fan of the area Dredgehaunt Cliffs. Not. At. All. I avoided it all last night, but I need to suck it up eventually and just do it. But know that I will never do it alone. I will always have someone with me. *laughs*

But I want 100% Completion on at least one character. I say only one now, because after I finish doing this once, I am  unsure if I ever want to do it again. *laughs* Horrid, I know, but it is true. At least doing it with someone else made it bearable.


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