Jumped Right In

That’s right. I did it. I jumped in and created a character on:

PS4 Version.

First off, let me say, I had not realized that I could link my Beta Account (for when they were having people Beta it for the PC… yeah, I did that…) to my PS4 Account! Not going to lie, I was super excited. I got to use my username and everything. Only thing is: Did not transfer character.

Best part: I DIDN’T CARE. Why? Because I would have deleted her if it did. ;P I wanted a whole new experience and a whole new character.

Probably the truth: The character probably didn’t transfer because how in the world could you transfer a PC Character to a console?

Since it was technically my husband’s game, he used the code to get all the free cool additions for pre-ordering.

But you want to know the most amazing part? I DON’T HAVE TO HAVE A PLAYSTATION PLUS ACCOUNT TO CONNECT ONLINE! I LOVE them for it! Yes, that is so worth yelling about. I was worried that I wouldn’t because most games require that online account to play multiplayer online. I know, that is the whole purpose of the game, which was why I was a bit worried. Another cool factor: you can chat easily. You don’t have to be in the party or whatnot but I do have one thing to say:

Mute your mic if you are doing something else. I don’t need to hear that you are switching through things on the PS4 Home screen. Seriously.

There was a bit of a wait time to log in, but come on, you have to expect it. Why? New release of a very popular game. Limited servers. DUH. Give them a break people who were complaining. The playing will die down and it will be easier. There is a reason for the madness.

But I like it so far. And my husband was skeptical when he started playing, but he likes it too. So now we have two games we can easily play together: Elder Scrolls Online and Guild Wars 2. Only downfall is that we only have one PS4. But this is great.

Now if I could only find a way to post my character so far on the game….

Oh, and I am having a slightly difficult time figuring out the controls in regards to quests and such. I will figure it out soon though – you know, the new game adjustments. You have to give it to the makers of the game: the controls are awesome. Being able to make a PC game to a PS4 game is hard enough. It almost seemed flawless and perfect. Thank you for your hard work guys. I am loving it.

I will admit I play the 3rd person view which is a bit odd because it puts things at a slight angle, but I can live with that. I’ll adjust eventually.

Oh, for those who want to possibly find me (For whatever odd reason) my user on there is Oyoa.

PS: Graphics are awesome.


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