Hours Went By…

Before I even realized it. I sat down around 10:00 PM with my husband’s blessing to start playing more of ESO. I was only on Level 3, and he wanted me to be able to experience it.

“It is really addicting,” he said. “I just kept playing and it takes you in,” he replied happily. I didn’t heed the warning.

It was about 2:41 AM before I realized how long I had been on. “Oh My Goodness!”

He came to the room and started laughing at me. “Is it really that late?” – me.

He then proceeded to tell me he told me so that you just get so into it. And there are so many quests… definitely amazing! He was so happy that I was playing so much. Did not bother him one bit.

Did I mention that I love this man? I played for hours, and he was happy to pop in once in a while to see my progress and see my reactions. He said he understood because he was the same way when he was playing it earlier. OMG I married the perfect man! *laughs* He would have been all for me continuing to play if I didn’t have to work this morning. ;P

But the main reason why I wrote this entry:
He recommended having some maps available so if I ever want to check to see if there are more quests in the area that I missed to have something to reference to. I found something that seems REALLY good.

Elder Scrolls Online Wiki FextraLife

This site seems pretty amazing already in regards to maps and such.
(It also links to the section I am in right now so I don’t have to look for the name again.)

Give it a shot. I am probably going to be hooked and playing again tonight… I wish I could post my character, but I’ll be good for now. Man, I am only a level 6! This is pretty epic. I usually level up in the beginning really easily in RPGs. The fact I am only a Level 6 is pretty amazing.

Next post I will probably talk about some of the choices I have made for my character, but for now – the game is awesome. Wait time to get in a server is Soooooo worth it.

PS: My current area because I need pictures!


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