Justice System in ESO!

I just found out about it, and I have to say: I AM STOKED. You have no idea. Usually I tend to not do much of the PvP stuff (even in Guild Wars…. *shrugs*), but for something like this, I might branch out of my comfort box to do it. Because the idea is quite exciting.

How did I start looking up the info?

Honestly, my husband had to talk to someone really quick, but he didn’t want to get kicked out of the server for Elder Scrolls Online due to inactivity, so he asked if I could walk about for him and what not. While doing so (and going to the bank to lighten his load) I came across the entry for Outlaw Refuges. I had NO idea what that meant or what it was for. My husband was aiming for a good character (like I do) and I didn’t want him to get a bad rep for going in, so I searched online – while trying to walk around.

During my search, I came across the Justice System information for ESO. This is AWESOME. Why? I want to do the Enforcer stuff! Gwah! How it breaks down:

(PS: Where I found all of this info.)

Now in Elder Scrolls, you will be punished for stealing things – where apparently they didn’t before? Anyways, when you steal something and you are caught, it raises your Reputation/Bounty. You try to steal without guards/others seeing (unless you avoid it completely like I do) but sometimes you get caught. And this raises the guard’s notice of you.

There are three levels of “Bounty”:
Disreputable – the lowest level. All guards will generally ignore you unless you approach them.
Notorious – You’ll be chased down by the guards, who enlist other guards to assist in the pursuit.
Fugitive – The highest level. Guards will always try to kill you. You need to wait until bounty goes down or you can try to find a way to “clean” your reputation.

Well, to balance those who steal, there are those who want to help get justice against the thieves: Enforcers.

That is what I am going to try to do!

Anyways, according to this info: “Becoming Enforcer is easy: you need to find one of Enforcer Towers (these towers are usually located near big cities) and talk with NPC there. After you declare yourself as Enforcer you will get a special tabard. Put it on and you will be able to see acts of crimes and bounty level of all players.”

That is not it~

How to stop criminal? Enforcer can attack criminal engaging him in PvP fight. If Enforcer wins he can loot corpse of his enemy player and take all stolen goods. These goods must be returned to one of Enforcer Towers. When Enforcer returns stolen goods he receives reward for that.

How sweet is that? But there’s MORE

Being Enforcer is not a boring duty: you can attack Outlaws and you also have access to special bandit caves. When you travel around the world you come across special clues that give you hints to location of bandit caves with chests and other objects. These chests are filled with stolen items. You can take these items and return to Tower getting reward in return.

I. LOVE. THIS. I am so going to do this! I am going to have to work on raising my level though so I don’t die against others, but unfortunately, it seems like everyone else has more time to play and level up than I do. (I should be trying right now, but I think the husband is getting on to play. I just have to wait.)

How cool is this system? Just adds another level of awesome and something to look forward to. Now I just have to find these Enforcer Towers to get my character ready….

Beware to all who try to steal! ;D

What side are you guys going to choose? Are you going to be an Enforcer?


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