Behind The Times – Batman: Arkham Series Part One

After much thought – and I mean a LOT – I decided to start playing this game:

It was between this or Skyrim, and my husband was all hyped up on me starting this series. He really wanted to watch the intro, and I have to say I was definitely interested. Plus, I wasn’t sure if I was in the mood to work on building another character. *laughs*

WARNING: I will talk about what is going on in game which means – possible spoilers! Don’t want to know, please do not continue. I will post a general review of what I have played without spoilers at the end. In fact, all game related stuff where I talk about whatever will be within the dashes.


First, I was so surprised by graphics. I have been so spoiled, but I remembered that back when this came out, this was top of the line! Crazy how things have progressed! I mean, they weren’t bad, don’t get me wrong. They were really good (and graphics aren’t on the highest on my list of “make or break a game” type of thing). But the voice acting was Right. On. Perfect. Loved it.

The installation time was ugh…. I sat there talking to my husband, but we both reached a point where we were like “Is it broken?” We shrugged it off and continued talking, then I looked on my phone about how long it should take. This is an older game so probably had a lot of updates. Plus I had Game of the Year edition, so it had all of those fun add-ons. That may have been why it took so long.

Anyway, the wait screen pictures and music tried to make the whole thing super creepy. I mean, yeah, asylums can be scary depending on the history, but we sat there going: Eh, overdone a bit with the trying to make you jump. Maybe they weren’t, but it just felt like it. Again, I don’t mind, but you tend to over think things while waiting on installation.

Once the game starts though, pretty cool. The movements are easy to figure out when you first start, and I walked off path a bit trying to see if I could interact with other things or find something extra.

I didn’t.

I couldn’t interact with much, but it was just the intro. I was just excited to finally be playing. But man, it was worth it. Why? Listen to what the Joker says! He taunts Batman, about he is “over here….” or “Oh, looks like we lost someone. Come this way Bats!” type of thing. Too funny, and perfectly in character. Seriously, how do I become a voice actor for video games? Seems like it would be amazing. And these people were amazing.

I spent a good amount of time after Joker ‘escaping’ and explaining his plan looking everywhere I could and trying to enter places first that didn’t further storyline quite yet so I could look for more ‘goodies’. I want to get as much of the side stuff done as much as I can! I love that. I think that holds such a huge appeal for me that it is insane. I have already found 3 or 4 Riddler Trophies, and that is just cool. I don’t know how many of those dentures I have broken or if that is even a thing. But bats fly out of them every time I do, so I at least get some experience points from it.

I just reached the part where Harley Quinn tried to drop an elevator (or whatever they are called) on my head and Batman is told about how they have Commissioner Gordon held captive. I am on my way to save him by following the alcohol path left by the rouge guard. Yeah, still not far. But it is so cool about of the stuff included. I have already seen Zsasz and Croc. I saw a poster for Penguin and they mentioned Two Face. The slightly nerdy part of me was squealing in excitement at just this small things. I am not that knowledgable in regards to the DC Universe, but I know some. In fact, my favorite Batman Villain is Poison Ivy, and I have been told she is in this. (I don’t include Catwoman. She isn’t full villain in my eyes.)

Yeah… I am not that far obviously. But it is fun so far. So to recap:


This game seems really fun. I was kind of disappointed from it not having much ‘extra’ stuff to do and pick up, but from what I hear, that disappointment won’t last for long. There should be a lot of ‘side quests’ available and that want in me will be fulfilled. I like the fighting style so far, but seem to be better off with the game mostly in Detective Mode – I just don’t like keeping it on. So I will figure a way around this.

I am loving the look and acting of this game. So well done and well placed. I also like the little touches here and there that fans of Batman will enjoy greatly and people like me will have their little fangirl moments.

I am just in the beginning, so let’s see where this all takes me! I have a feeling this game will not disappoint.


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