Finally: Mario Party 10 Review!

I said I would do this ages ago, sorry guys. But let me tell you now what I think! ;P

Let me say this: There are good and bad things about this game. But there was enough good things to have enough fun that my sister, my husband, and I played it about 3 times while my sister visited: Mostly because of the Bower Party options.

I will explain that later.

First I want to talk about some things I don’t like. I used to love playing like a board game, scheming on the best way to play and thinking about how I can get the other players. I liked the buying star option. Because there were times I stunk at buying stars, but I ruled at earning coins! And sometimes that made a difference! But in this one, everyone rides the same vehicle and drive together. What one person rolled moved us all. Not very board like feeling. It wasn’t as fun that way and my sister agreed. And you don’t get to play mini-games after every turn. You have to land on it. And I think if you go long enough, a mini-game box randomly appeared, but I liked having the every turn.

Even with these downfalls and slight frustrations, I liked some of the new things they added. Like the boss and mini-boss battles. Those are fun. I wish there was another way to do it though.

BUT! That vehicle thing DOES work for the BOWSER parties! That was what the three of us played and had a blast! There are only about 3 boards (Maybe 4?) you can play, but it is still fun! My husband played Bowser and my sister and I had to team up to do our best. It was great! That was the main saving point of Mario Party 10. I won’t be playing it by myself much like I did the previous Mario Parties, but at least I can get me and my husband playing from time to time.

But it does get ‘Eh’ after a round or two (Meaning a whole session/board), so we only played it like once every other day. Was great though while we were playing it.

I still preferred some of the past Mario Parties, but this one brought it back! I hope they continue fun things like this. Keep Bowser party and how everyone travels together on that. But on regular Mario party, have everyone move their own spaces. It can work!

Have y’all tried it? What did you like? What didn’t you like?


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