Another Game- Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning


Did I ever mention how much I LOVE this game? The handling system is pretty nice. I just have to refresh my mind once in a while to use it, but now I am good and it is so handy. How to set up the radial, how to easily access it during battle, still able to drink potion and such and yes… I love it.

How did I come across this gem?

Actually, it is kind of funny…. because in a long round about way, it is because of this Series:


You may be wondering… Wha???

Okay, so here is the deal. I LOVE Fable. (Sense a connection? No? I’ll keep going.) But we had gotten rid of the Xbox systems for a bit. (And we got it again, and then got rid of it again.) I have defeated the entire series (except the original! On my list people!) but I wanted to play it again. But we just had Nintendo and Playstation systems. So I wrote on my Facebook, reached out to my friends, asking for a game kind of similar to Fable. I wanted where my choices effected my reputation, but I can get houses and have tons of quests, etc. And so a couple of my friends (I mainly remembering the beautiful SaraH telling me) about this one. And so I picked it up.

And when I can, I keep playing it.

In fact, my husband walked in last night and was surprised: I was playing this game. (I have had this game for AGES… okay, months…). The only reason I haven’t been playing is because I just didn’t have time for a loooong time. (Why did I buy the other games then? Well… it was a GREAT deal, and I am going to make time to play them! I cannot keep doing other sorts of other stuff. I need to have fun too!)

He thought I would be playing Batman or Skyrim. I told him “I got a little frustrated with Skyrim becuase of the handing. I wanted something I am used to.” And I was serious. I adjusted to Reckoning easily. And readjust after playing other games easily. (Skyrim is KILLING me control wise. Batman is fine, but I feel like I am always in detective mode and my eyes needed a break.)

And I was telling the truth.

So, for all of those looking for a random game that isn’t quite mentioned nearly as much as others, I say play Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning! I enjoy it a lot. Agree or disagree, I cannot help but like what I like. ;P

(I will post a character picture later. I keep changing her hair between red and blonde. For a Dark Elf, she does it pretty well.)


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