Behind the Times – Skyrim

And so, even though I am working on my Batman series, I decided to mix it up and play one of the other games I have mentioned:

That’s right, I entered the world of Elder Scrolls another way: Skyrim. Now…. keep in mind, I usually play RPG’s that tend to be MMO. So… Elder Scrolls Online and Guild Wars (once upon a time World of Warcraft. I can’t afford that madness which lead to the switch to Guild Wars and I have been happy ever since…).

I am unsure how I feel about this game right now. I know it is older so I need to excuse the graphics. And the choices to make the faces. No. Why I am so frustrated is the fact that it can freeze any moment and all the work you did gets undone to the point where you saved it.

That’s right…. I didn’t save nearly as much as I should have. I didn’t know!

I had to RESTART this twice. I remade characters twice. (Once I had to restart it before I reached the character maker.) I am glad for the second character remake though. First time I chose a wood elf and I wasn’t happy with how she looked. Yeah… plus my playing style didn’t suit their specials very well. I ended up going Imperial. I think.

Anyway…. after the frustration, my husband told me he had the same issue. He LOVED the game, but told me I had to save often, because the game was glitchy/buggy like that. Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?

Okay, so I am now playing. I have to say, I like the map set up in ESO much better. But I also am a doofus and didn’t know that while you are on the world map, you can go “local” to see better. I kind of wish it was a bit more set up like Kingdoms of Amular: The Reckoning – but that is another game entirely (that I love).

I am being told to stick with it and that it does get better: I am told it is worth working through. I just learned how to blacksmith, so I will keep working on it. PS: save before entering a store or going into a town. I accidentally stole something without meaning to. And killing chickens kind of have a Zelda effect: Except the town folk come after you instead of the chickens. Like I said, SAVE. It erases all mistakes. *laughs*

So, I have reached the first town after the escape. I am going to help the trader people regain a golden claw… or at least I will when I play again. Right now, I am playing the Reckoning, and then I might play some Batman.

Now that I am getting a handle on the controls… Skyrim might start getting better… but my switching games might not help me retain it…. I might have to work on that.


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