Skyrim – I can now play it!


I did it! I figured out how I can play Skyrim easily every time I get on so I don’t mess up the buttons and allow myself to be able to enjoy it. And the answer is the book listed above; the manual.

I used to be a manual girl for the games, because they didn’t used to teach you how to do everything from the get go in a tutorial. They didn’t. So you had to read the booklet to learn things. Not so much anymore. So I have been trained to pretty much ignore them.

Skyrim needs it. It has one. And for a good reason:

20150714_220144Yeah. I know. This fixed a whole bunch of problems for me. And I can still reference to it.

Now… that I can now play it (and remember to save constantly) I got farther into the game. Let me tell you, that Golden Claw Mission at Bleak Falls Barrow….. Scared the CRAP out of me.

Like, usually I explore and I have no issues and don’t mind things attacking me and handle it with ease. (Like Amalur: Reckoning. No issues what-so-ever.) But this place just send shivers down my spine and I rushed through the mission. I didn’t explore much just enough to complete the area. Which is WEIRD for me. I might be able to go back later to do a more thorough look, but for now, I was satisfied. *laughs*


I figured it all out pretty easily. I remembered the thief mentioning that there were symbols on the claw so I was able to put two and two together. (Ha. Figuring out how to look at the claw was the harder part. Don’t judge me. ;P)

By the way: BIG FLIPPIN SPIDER! EWW! I jumped. I can handle spiders in most games, but that one creeped me out.

Heart attack. I saw it, backed out of the room into the hallway, and waited for it so I can hit it without having to see it much…

I put my person in 3rd person. I can’t do the first person that well in this place apparently. *shudders*

But now that I am looking at it after the fact, the Nord things aren’t as creepy. Maybe playing in the dark with the door closed at night when I was tired may not have been a great idea. But I did get most of the map area. If I felt safe enough, I went to explore – And ran through. I missed a lot of linens and armor that I should have picked up to sell.

Also: I need to figure out a better weapon for me. I want something that deals a lot of damage but is fast. This slow hammer thing is killing me. I can’t do bows and arrows all the time, because it doesn’t work for close combat – which happens most of the time. So I need to figure out my playing style. And figure out the magic thing. I might just go into the wilderness to mess with the magic to see how much I like it and if I should improve those skills. I need to figure out a Skyrim playing style that suits me… and that will be much harder than some other games apparently.

I miss my chakrams:
Chackrams ss-038But I bet that I’ll find something I like here. ;P

So, I have an odd question for y’all: Do you know of a way to take GOOD pictures on the PS3? I have been resorting to my phone, and we know that doesn’t do well with TVs.


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