Skyrim – 07/16

First off, that is a pretty cool picture. Wish I could link to it, but the site is all in another language so …. Sorry.

Now… where was I? Oh yes, I actually played a little bit yesterday as well. Not much though. And I almost feel like I should have played a different game. (Poor Batman… he is being ignored for now. I should try playing that tonight.) Anyway I was trying to discover areas a little bit before going to the next place. Can I say that the places are much closer than the map has them appear? I thought they would be much farther, and then I trip over the town I was supposed to go to. I am kind of happy, because it means reasonable traveling in regards to getting to places. But I was also prepared for the long haul and a lot of walking. My husband made it sound like it took eons… but then again, I am much more into RPG games so things like this I am used to.

Anyway… I was walking around, trying to discover areas on the map just for fun, when I came across some farms. Then a stable. Turns out to be Whitehall, the place where my next ‘main mission’ is. Dang. So to avoid it, I notice this image thing looking like it has tusks. I had no idea what it meant. (Some might be going “Idiot! Look it up!” or “Idiot! It means Giant Camp!” or “I have no idea what you are talking about… horrible description.”)

Just so you can see it (and for future reference for me):

Do you see the one I am talking about? It is on the bottom row, right hand side under “Camps”. The tusk one that says Giant Camp.

Yeah… wish I knew that.

And I didn’t save before going over. Yeah… apparently I didn’t learn my lesson. T.T So… I walked over. (Keep in mind I was trying to hunt things because I wanted to make leather to make lighter armor so I can move faster and adjust my playing style… I will talk about that later…). So I got excited: There was a Woolly Mammoth! Imagine the Leather I can make from that! So I walked over. I noticed these ugly things and was like “Oh, I should be oka-Whoa… they’re big. Maybe they won’t – crap. I died.” One hit. Boom. My first interaction with Giants. Yeah… I am not the most brilliant person at night apparently.

So it loaded back up… to a point before I reached the farms. I lost all the extra stuff I collected on the way, and the sneaking level I gained and – really? Crap. So, I rediscover the farms, the stable, and found some wolves to get their hides. Then, I suck it up and go into Whitehall. But before I go into that…

I have to ask: What is the best way to hunt? I was trying to take down a Moose and was able to get in a decent distance, but one shot of the bow doesn’t take it down, and it left before I got any others. Do I just rapidly fire arrows so hopefully it hits him multiple times and bring him down? I just want the hide!


I guess I will just have to work on it and my skills.

ANYWAY: Back to storyline. I was in Whitehall, talked to the Jarl (nice guy) and he introduced me to his magician. He then talked about getting a stone tablet from Bleak Falls Barrow. Instant reaction:
NOOOOOOOOO! I don’t want to go back! (See previous entry to find out WHY). Then the most beautiful thing happened: An option of “Oh, you mean this old thing (Hands over item)”.

I danced.

Not literally, but I felt like it. And now I can buy property in Whitehall??? I need to earn a LOT of money! And I will. Because I want to find out how to do so and just because. Another reason to start hunting!

And… that is about where I stopped. I was about to follow the general lady (her name starts with an I or L) to attack a Dragon (I think).

So, now you see into my crazy tired mind. Sorry about that. I need to start keeping track of names, because I truly do love storyline. It is one of the reasons a lot of people recommended it. “You like RPGs and Storyline? You HAVE to try Skyrim!” So I am working on that. It’s just… I am getting so caught up in everything that it is kind of cool.

Still working on the weapon thing. Any recommendations?


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