Behind the Times: Uncharted Series

I FINALLY have a whole other series added to my collection! We have had the Special Edition Uncharted 3 for quite a while. And now I have the first two! (Unfortunate story: My dog, when my back was turned and I was talking to my husband, she got on my bed, stole my case and chewed it up. I was able to save a cover and had a backup case to use… but I was VERY upset. Gr.) But here are the new to to complete that series (For now until I start PS4 games).

20150719_201545(Sorry for the poor picture. I didn’t realize it was so blurry. I will try to fix it sometime soon if I get a chance.)

Another series I have been dying to try. I mean, come ON. It’s like Indiana Jones but not for the museum! It sounds like an amazing storyline and I just.. Gwah! I think it is why I kind of like the sound of Tomb Raider. That type of story like thing going on. Anyways… super excited!

Still going to work on the other ones first. I just realized how BIG the Kingdoms of Amalur game is. I thought I was close – oh NO. I’m not. But that is for another entry.

This one is about how excited I am about this guy now being in my ever growing collection:


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