Games I Am Looking Forward To

Let’s take a break from Dragon Age for a bit (for me… that is so hard right now). But with all of my gaming/lack-there-of, I couldn’t help but wonder which games are coming out that I am actually excited for.

And I have to admit… I’m not quite all whooped up about many. So sad. But maybe because I haven’t heard much about what is coming…

But here are a few I am considering:

I know, I know. “OMG not another PS4 REMAKE.” Yes, it is true. But, I haven’t played them yet. But if you have been reading, I have almost all of them for my PS3. And I WILL play them. But it would be kind of cool to have it on for my PS4 as well. Kind of. Eh. I have decided to hold off on playing it until I actually am able to record my progress for my YouTube channel that I was encouraged to do. (It isn’t set up yet, I just have to figure a few things out, and then I will work on playing and posting and what-not.)

But until I do, I have to admit this is sooooo tempting….

I slightly remember something about Dragon Quest. And that is the only reason it has slightly perked my interest. Will I absolutely have to have it?…. as of this moment, no. But who knows, maybe I can be convinced.

I feel like a horrid person for saying it like this, but…

I have always wanted to play some of the “Tales of” games. It has been on my lists for a while, then time flies by and – nothing. Haven’t touched a single one. But I keep hearing about how awesome they are and how I really need to play it one day. And hopefully with this one, I will.

No promises.

YES. This! I mean, I have so much hope for teh Assassin’s Creed series! I loved them. (Well, I watched my husband play, and I am going to go through my run through eventually.) The last one… Just was really glitchy. I hope they learned and made sure this was of better quality. Because I am just excited about the possibilities about this one! Yes, this is one I want to get.

OMG YES!!! Me and my husband are STOKED about this one! This is – it’s just – Ah! One of the few we are actually excited about!

I am still waiting for information about my next Zelda Game (*cries*) and with this newest DLC  for Dragon Age, I will be consumed for a bit (as well as working on getting that YouTube channel up and start playing other series) so I hopefully have no worries about actually having games to play.

But we’ll see.

But let me know, what are you guys actually excited for?

Oh My Goodness! – Newest Upcoming Dragon Age DLC!

I. Am. Nerding. Out. Hard. CORE.

You have no idea. I was breezing through my twitter feed (which I don’t do often because well… I’m just not much of a twitter person. I promise I am working on fixing it) and this came up:

Now, I don’t know if the video is showing… but OMG!!!!

I am just freaking out over here. I was planning on doing another game playthrough and romance Solas this time for giggles and THIS COMES ABOUT:

I am STILL squealing from this Trailer! I am so pumped up that it is ridiculous! This storyline that I LOVE in this game, and how it makes you interact with others and the just EPIC-NESS of it all. In my playthrough, Solas was like one of my best friends- a great consult. He was like Cassandra where I treasured his opinion and worked to make sure we stayed friends. (If he ever greeted me without saying the elven word for friend, I panicked and talked to him to make sure my approval went up.)

All of these alliances I worked so hard to build – all that I have done to make the world a better place in Dragon Age – and it all is threatened. The alliances may be falling apart.

Now excuse me for the cursing – I normally don’t curse, but I loved what the Inquistor in the game said:

Can one thing in this fucking world stay fixed?!?

I was like “Oh my goodness! So true!”
Which unfortunately reminded me I needed to catch up on the other DLCs…

Anyways. I am dancing and squealing like a little girl.
I am freaking out. I am Fangirling. I am trying to decide if I should go in it with my original Inquistor or if I should make a new one for it…
And I am just-
Running around. My husband is looking into getting the Deluxe edition of the game for me. And I just-

PLEASE tell me that people out there are sharing my excitement! Why don’t I have others near me freaking and nerding out like me?


End – Dragon Age: Inquisition

I did it! I finally finished the main story line! And let me tell you, I did a lot before I did it. I kept delaying it because I wanted to do everything and there came a point where I was like “I really just want to continue and see this to the end…”

I only have one ‘side quest’ area that I haven’t done. But I am glad to say that I think I am friends with every single character! I am so excited! They all call me friend and it is so sweet and my heart partially broke at the end because I was really fond of a character…

Don’t want to spoil, but if my character hadn’t gone with Cullen, I would have gone for Solas. I know I keep saying that I am bouncing between Iron Bull and Solas as the interest the next time I do a run through, but I really just wanted to go with Solas. My other problem: I would do every single player quest again.

I HUGELY regret not doing the pranks with Sera. Just… ugh. I really wish I did! And with my original run, I helped Cole become more human (and Varric is pretty awesome) but if I were to go with Solas next time, it would make Cole more spirit. But I would SO TOTALLY do the pranks.

But Cullen is so sweet,… in case you didn’t know. No regrets on that front.

I am so attached to the characters… and I will keep playing afterwards to try to get all the stuff done. But…. it was so satisfying finishing the game. Epic.

Now the main question is:

Which game do I play next? Going to be hard to find something that sucked me in like this game did.

PS: Still owe you a picture of my character. Yeah… one day.

Lack of Posts? Blame Dragon Age.

Yes, still going on about that. Why? Because there is just so much too it. I could rush around and get through the main plotline, but I am not that type. I love doing a lot of the side missions and getting to know the characters. I have befriended many of them, even when I thought it wouldn’t be possible.

By the way, I about freaked out when my character started arguing with Solas! I was like “NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT!!” because let’s just face it – Solas is an amazing character. He is complex and hides so much. You think he’s just some free thinking type mage and BAM you notice a lot of hints and clues everywhere that don’t quite add up to what you originally thought. I like him. He is generally a nice fellow it appears. And there is that mystery.

And poor Cole. I always feel so bad for him. He keeps telling me I have to kill him if he loses it, and he just dislikes me sometimes because I say I won’t. But.. I know what he is trying to say, it is just… gwah. No. I am finally starting more of his personal quests. Apparently there was a talking to him option that I hadn’t done for a while that I should have done sooner. Because that was what opened a lot of it!

Right now,  I just finished the Blackwall stuff and found out the truth about his past! Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything here. But … sometimes I wish I could type out like the story I am experiencing… maybe make it spoiler entries. But I am also too far ahead now to really do something like that. Because of the fact that I won’t be able to talk about everything because there is just so much.

And even Vivienne. I generally don’t like her, but I have to say, I did feel bad for her.

And Sera isn’t that bad. Once you get over the oddness…. she’s pretty cool. She has a friend thing where you can just do it any time. It is nice! I mean, usually when you are a ‘friend’ with someone, they just acknowledge it or what not and that’s that. With her, you have this special option to have a moment where the two of you just hang out on the roof. It is like the romance option, but for friends. I like it.

And yes, I admit, I go do the ❤ thing with Cullen from time to time, because it is just too cute/sweet!

Varric… I never realized how complicated his life truly is. Especially in regards to the whole Bianca thing. I was just – floored a little bit. Yeah, I’ll still with that.

FINALLY got that game of Wicked Grace scene! And Cullen’s embarassment afterwards when you talk to him… fantastic! I did the fangirl squee, and I am not ashamed!

But one of the coolest things about talking to the other characters? Their acknowledgement of us being friends. Solas calls me the elven word for friend (cannot think of the word right now). Vivienne calls me Darling a lot more after her personal thing. Cassandra used to just say friend (but I may need to work my approval rating with her… haven’t heard it in a while.) Dorian, Blackwall, and Iron Bull have pledged to always be there for me – or the Inquisition. Eitehr way, they had their own declaration of friendship that I enjoyed experiencing.

So. Hooked. Just saying.

And…. just found out I can assign potions and mixes to other party members. I didn’t realize I had to do it for each individual. O.O Duhhhhhh…. I feel like such a newb sometimes. But I’m okay… I blame being so caught up in the story.

I was thinking about doing another run through on this game (on easy instead of normal!) just so I can write more about it and pursue a different romance… would anyone be interested in reading the actual story line and information or nah?

Either way, I probably will play it again. I mean… Iron Bull and Solas. These romances need to happen.

And I need to post my character one of these days.

So Hooked on Dragon Age….

It feels like I have been playing Dragon Age non-stop… you know, between real life stuff. Starting different missions and realizing that sometimes I might not have the most up-to-level people. I should work more on buying some Weapons and Armor… I will try to work on that as soon as possible. But I am so caught up on the story line…

And I will sound ridiculous because apparently everyone knew this before the game:
There are ROMANCE options!

Yes, I know. Everyone knew before hand. Except me. I get it. I totally deserve the blah for not knowing. I got so excited when I found out though! And I wish I could try all options, but I would have to play the game over and over for long periods of time if I were. So I am just choosing one and I will look at all others on YouTube. *laughs*

Iron Bull is funny, and I almost chose him, but then I decided to go with: Cullen! Probably most common option, I know, but I couldn’t help it. But I am looking online about Iron Bull and it is HILARIOUS! -My apologies, THE Iron Bull.

Anyway, that is now why you are clicking today…. The game is amazing.

My husband was watching while I played some of it, and he was impressed! He actually wants to play it now, and will probably after I have finished. He was watching me as I fight the Demon Envy.

Gorgeous. The graphics are stunning, but most of all, I am so attached to all of my characters (except Sera. Eh, she is a little odd… but interesting. But I never use her.) I am trying to figure out proper times to use particular people in my party. Usually I chose a Rouge (Varric), a Mage (Vivienne or Solas) and a Warrior (Cassandra or Iron Bull). This one time, I chose to do two Warriors and a Mage. And it is biting me in the butt big time.

I thought this one time having two Warriors would help with attack. The problem with that? They have to go up close, and that means they take consistent beatings and a lot of revival if they die, or just going through potions QUICKLY.

And fighting this Demon of Envy is super hard because of it. – And starting the battle with LOW HEALTH and NO POTIONS does not help. Not in the least.

But there is a HUGE downfall with my method… I do not use Tactical. Not in the least. And I need to. I just.. usually I like playing my character and go with it that way. But I don’t. But I should. I need to work on it. I spent so much time last night not doing it that way, and I was tired so I didn’t even think of it, that it was the main point of my downfall.

Focusing on my own character so much for story line is a big thing. And I need to level up more. I know some areas that were starting to kick my butt so I knew I had to train and left to do other things. But I get distracted. And not go in the places I should (like finishing the first area. I know I can. I am getting so close. And I need to get more shards so I can bring them to that one place…).

The map of the place I SHOULD be finishing to level up and do the rest of the story line. UGH. And then work on saving those kidnapped soldiers…

BY THE WAY…. They found a way to include UNDEAD.

Fallow Mire. Place gave me the heebie-jeebies. And has the missing soldiers. And I need to go there and save them! Only problem is is that I was getting whooped at one part. I need to level up!

That is my issue in this game: I need to level up! But I am so caught up in the stories, and the characters and wanting to help out and save people and progress that I just haven’t been doing the thing I normally do with ease: Level Up.

I am usually a wanderer. I take forever – according to  my husband (who says I will never finish a game at my rate) – because I like to wander and explore. I like to do all of the side quests and make sure I go just about everywhere and do all that I can. I take on almost all quests (I don’t like ‘evil’ quests… again, in Fable, I will be a true blue hero). But this time, I am so caught up on wanting to do so many things (including romancing Cullen) that I just – failed at the one thing I am good at.

So I have done some research…. just on random things. Because I am stuck on Envy Demon. But let me say…. Everything about this game is so utterly amazingly awesome. ❤

I could talk about story line more, but honestly guys, I don’t want to ruin anything for you. Because it is just that … involving. I could go on about histories and stories and backgrounds and what all is going on, but it wouldn’t do it quite as much justice.

Just… play it.

So hooked that I do not switch games. I should be doing so, like switching back and forth to give comment on all and such, but I can’t. I will try later, but…. I do not see that happening.

Unless I play Elder Scrolls Online with my husband… and I have a few things to pick with for that.

But that is an entry for another time.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Yes, I know I know…

I have started yet ANOTHER game. Let me tell you why:
My husband has gotten me a PS4! So we now have two in the house. Which means we can play Elder Scrolls Online together now! Even better, the PS4 he bought for me ALSO came with Dragon Age: Inquisition! I have been wanting to try this game as well!

Let me tell you, it is quite fantastic! I am enjoying this greatly! It is easy to get a hold of the mechanics of the control which is a huge plus for me. Especially when I keep jumping between Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age. Two games where I have designed my characters… I just have to not be as lame and figure out how to take a picture of my characters without having to do it on my phone. Gwah…..

I love the options of choosing what I say. What I say has effect on whether people like me or not. It will effect my relations and such. And once I got into working on a crusade essentially, it is almost like free roam! I can go wherever and do what I want to work, or go straight to the story line. And let’s face it, there is no way I went straight to story line. I died a few times, because I went into sections I just wasn’t quite ready yet, but I am going to have to learn how to armor up and upgrade all party members so that they are all at top performance for me. I don’t like playing the other characters, but I will jump to them to force them to drink a health potion when they are being hard headed and close to death.

The only thing that bothers me is the map set up. I wish they had more of a local map that was much easier accessible. Okay, it is still easy, but not quick. I have to jump to about two screens to really get to it, and seeing as I am constantly checking on it to make sure I am going the right way, it is becoming a slight pain. But I like what I have accidentally run into because of my random wandering. I was going to aim for doing all campsites before even going along with story line, but with some of the difficulties I ran across proved that I may not want to do so. I got whooped by a bear in one area. It was a little too hard for me. But then I went towards the area they were saying for story line, and the bear was much more my level. Lesson learned – kind of. I am still wandering around. I have so many side quest like things that I will be working on those for a while probably. And I am not ashamed. Whooo!

Character interactions are funny. Like Varric right now. He bugs Cassandra and seems to get along with Solas. Their banter is funny and I like to pause and listen to it to make sure I don’t miss it.

Oh, and those who like hearing/understand what they say, I recommend having subtitles. They are on top and out of the way, but they have helped a couple of times. Purely because sometimes I don’t realize how loud or quiet it may be at times.

So far, I am quite happy. And I do all of the goody-goody choices, I know. I cannot help but be a good person in games like this. (Even in Fable, all of my choices were considered Heroic and lead to the very very good side. Yup. I can’t help it.)

But I am super excited about possible story lines and the almost endless seeming possibilities! I have a confession though: Never have played any of the Dragon Ages before, so there are probably stuff I have no idea about in regards to personal story lines and possibilities!

So much to do… so little time… SO MANY GAMES.

If I didn’t have to worry about a full time job, I’d get to do so much more with these games…. But then, so would everyone else.

So, how are you loving the newest Dragon Age game? I bet it is amazing. Let me know what you’ve picked! I have a female Elf rouge (I believe) using double daggers and it seems to be working out for me pretty well.

Games for Actual Gaming Couples

So… I did it. I am getting a PS4! Now, some of you may have already noticed or remember me talking about how my husband has a PS4 and yes he does let me play on it. Well…

We wanted to play actual games together! Because playing your own games can be okay at times, but sometimes you just need to play together! And we decided to just do it on PS4! Because well…

Elder Scrolls Online. Anything else needs to be said? We both have characters on there so it made it easy. (But I have to make a new one because we are not on the same alliance so one of us needs to make another character. I don’t mind making and working on a new one. Him not as much. *laughs*)

So, because we will both have one, we decided to look for other games we can play together. And so I typed in co-op games with wives/girlfriends…


They keep talking about games that are good for NON-GAMER girls. No. I want other games! So then I just looked up Co-Op games PERIOD. And I still couldn’t find many that we would actually like. It saddened me. But, I have made a list of games WE will probably like/is decent for people like us. (Mind you, I am not much of a warfare game. I STINK at stuff like Battlefield and COD. I know this. I admit this. The only kind-of game like that that I was decent at was Halo. I mean… Hello sword and sneaking up behind people!)

OUR Co-Op List for PS4


Okay, kind of obvious that I would put this first. Because I already mentioned it because we are getting the additional PS4 for this first. And we will definitely play. This has a cool system of character creation, as well as setting up your character the way you want it. Plus the quests and exploration and all of the stuff that is going to be pretty fun. Doing the ‘dungeon’ like areas with someone else is going to be so much better. There were a few times where computers whooped me or I almost defeated them, I just needed to stay alive a little longer or needed someone else to distract them while I heal….

Definitely top of my list.


Yes. For. Real. I remember starting this when creating my character. I didn’t get very far and it was technically on my husband’s account, so I have to start all over. And it is hard to make a pretty character. (Yes, that sounds shallow, but I want a pretty character dang it!) but other than that, the interactions can be really fun! I mean, besides idiots trying to kill you every second because they are so bent on it, but other than that, missions and stuff can be pretty cool.


Actually, my husband probably won’t play this with me. It is more of my type of game. But I think it looks amazing and would be amazing to play co-op! I haven’t started it yet, but ta-dah! It is one of the games that is coming with my PS4! Super excited!


This looks fun! I mean, skinning animals, selling and making loot. Full on exploring and discovering. And what you find in Co-Op can be used in single player game… or so I read. We watched a video on YouTube and it just looked like so much fun. (And confirmed how much I want to make a YouTube Channel one day. *laughs* It would be mostly me, but on some co-op stuff, my husband would appear. Maybe even one day, he could put videos of his games as well! I mean, for like Battlefield and such, that would be a good idea.)

Now, there are probably a lot more, (remember, excluding war games) and I have no idea what else is really out there. And no, I am not a fan of MineCraft at the moment. And we don’t play Diablo. So…. any ideas?

Your opinions? Or stories about other couples who are both Gamers.