Batman: Arkham Asylum – 8/2ish

Can you believe it? I finally started playing Batman again… and it was amazing! You know what made all the difference? Keeping a light on. I sound like I am getting old, but it is true. When switching between Detective mode and such, having the light on made the world of a difference for my eyes.

And let me tell you, I am HOOKED. Apparently I got set back a little bit in regards to what I was doing, but that worked for me. So… where did I start?

(PS: All pictures are not yet my own. One day, I will get that recorder thing and what not so I can get my own stuff up here, but as of now, I cannot. Unless I take the picture with my phone. And that has horrid quality like my character for Reckoning.)

Oh yes, I had to re-defeat Joker’s goons while following Frank Bole’s alcohol breath trail. And after finishing that, you discover (or in my case, rediscover ) that Joker has killed him and placed a sign on the body. Essentially, he knew how we were tracking them.

That is also the sign that you get to start the Riddler’s Riddles! I figured out the first one already, and then I remembered seeing a Question Mark when I was walking around and found that Interview Tape. And thus began my quest to get all the of the Riddler’s Riddles as I go along to the best of my ability. Apparently, I am not that bad! He has already started complaining that “No… you can’t” type of thing. I think it is a good sign. (There is a riddle that mentions a see-saw, yet I haven’t found the thing yet. I am slightly annoyed, but I had to move on with the story. *laughs*)

Anyways, after all of this… I continue trying to save Commissioner Gordon. I have had to save Doctors.

I defeated the goons to save the main ones, then they informed me that there were three more doctors. First I went to the room with the Poison Gas and the good guard Aaron Cash.

Then I went and saved Dr. Young.

And then Dr. Chen.

Then I went back to the other Doctors, then the elevator started to work. Back on working to save Commissioner Gordon. I think the next part slightly freaked me out! Scarecrow. Gah. Anyway, Com. Gordon asks for Batman to save him, and then gets dragged away. Batman then finds his body.

Then I headed to the morgue with three body bags. Freaked me out a little bit.

Not extremely mind you, but enough for me to go “ugh”. I wasn’t sure what to expect. PS: Batman’s Parents. Messed up. Anyway, when the Scarecrow popped out I jumped. Big time. I may have let out a slight shreek. Anyways, then it was a slight… thing with Scarecrow.

I was so glad to find out that it really wasn’t Com. Gordon’s body! Whoo! Well, I can’t remember everything, but I did eventually save him!

Not going to lie, I was excited when I completed it on my first try! Let’s see… what came after that… Bane. I think Bane.

And I went through sewers (Where Killer Croc scared the Beejeebers out of me when I went to a door.)

I know, this sounds quite choppy, but it is because so much happened… It is crazy. I was up until 4 o’clock in the morning playing because I was hooked! (Mind you, I probably started playing around Midnight, because we were so busy, but still….)

I was wide awake the entire time because this game is quite fantastic. A good introduction to the series that everyone tells me is quite awesome.  And I don’t doubt them one bit. This has been fantastic so far. I keep wanting to search for more of the riddles but I know I don’t have everything to probably get everything so I am holding off on trying to get it all before moving on. I know I’ll be able to go back later to try to continue. There have been a few times where I see a trophy or an interview tape, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t get in. Driving me crazy, but it is still a lot of fun. I need to go to some of the original areas eventually, because now that I have that explosive Gel, there are some areas I know I can get into know that I couldn’t before!

And this whole spirit of Arkham… telling the founder’s story. But then I found out he eventually went crazy and actually became an inmate there! Wow. And the interview tapes are fun to listen to. I cannot help but wonder how much the Joker really likes Harley. If it is an act or if he actually has more feelings for her. Odd thing to wonder, I know, but listening and hearing their background is kind of what brought that question about.

Anyway, the story telling in this game is pretty good. It is enough to keep me interested and the parts aren’t extremely long. I know there are those who just want to keep it short and simple to keep playing the game, and I think they did really well with that!

Oh, right…. Where I left off:

I just destroyed the formula that Dr. Young had made that the Joker wants. There was that whole Quest arc. Saving people again, and what not.

Yes, for those who have played the game, it means I left A LOT out. By the way, I was really sad to head back to the area where the guards were to find that area no longer is safe. And that the guards cannot appear to be found. I could tell just by the hanging guards near the Ambulance and… man… Batman, was it really the best idea to tell them to stay? They should have all gotten to a smaller area that they could protect.  Then again, it makes them an easier target… I don’t know. I really don’t know. But I hope more of them actually are alive that I haven’t found yet. Because seeing all of them dead is sad. Good people just doing their jobs…

Anyway… I am going to go try to save Dr. Young now. Now that I have burned the recipe Joker was after, he has her hostage and has informed Batman that Zsasz is the one going to try to get information from her. Crap. These villains… and the backstories, there are so much to them and they are quite creepy/demented. I mean, I knew Batman was never a soft story – no matter what people try to talk about Superheroes. There are a lot of mental problems in regards to these characters. Like how people were freaking out about the Joker holding a gun to BatGirl’s head and that causing controversy… they do know that he crippled her for life because he essentially broke her spine, right? That is actually in the comics. It is why she is the Oracle now…

Apparently people don’t know a lot of the backstory.

And neither did I. I knew some things, but the extent of information in this is quite fantastic. Plus Luke Skywalker as the Joker… Just saying, that guy does an AMAZING job with the Joker. I can hear the insanity.

So, thoughts? What has been your experience with this game? Or are you interested? (If you are, sorry about all the spoilers.)


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