Games for Actual Gaming Couples

So… I did it. I am getting a PS4! Now, some of you may have already noticed or remember me talking about how my husband has a PS4 and yes he does let me play on it. Well…

We wanted to play actual games together! Because playing your own games can be okay at times, but sometimes you just need to play together! And we decided to just do it on PS4! Because well…

Elder Scrolls Online. Anything else needs to be said? We both have characters on there so it made it easy. (But I have to make a new one because we are not on the same alliance so one of us needs to make another character. I don’t mind making and working on a new one. Him not as much. *laughs*)

So, because we will both have one, we decided to look for other games we can play together. And so I typed in co-op games with wives/girlfriends…


They keep talking about games that are good for NON-GAMER girls. No. I want other games! So then I just looked up Co-Op games PERIOD. And I still couldn’t find many that we would actually like. It saddened me. But, I have made a list of games WE will probably like/is decent for people like us. (Mind you, I am not much of a warfare game. I STINK at stuff like Battlefield and COD. I know this. I admit this. The only kind-of game like that that I was decent at was Halo. I mean… Hello sword and sneaking up behind people!)

OUR Co-Op List for PS4


Okay, kind of obvious that I would put this first. Because I already mentioned it because we are getting the additional PS4 for this first. And we will definitely play. This has a cool system of character creation, as well as setting up your character the way you want it. Plus the quests and exploration and all of the stuff that is going to be pretty fun. Doing the ‘dungeon’ like areas with someone else is going to be so much better. There were a few times where computers whooped me or I almost defeated them, I just needed to stay alive a little longer or needed someone else to distract them while I heal….

Definitely top of my list.


Yes. For. Real. I remember starting this when creating my character. I didn’t get very far and it was technically on my husband’s account, so I have to start all over. And it is hard to make a pretty character. (Yes, that sounds shallow, but I want a pretty character dang it!) but other than that, the interactions can be really fun! I mean, besides idiots trying to kill you every second because they are so bent on it, but other than that, missions and stuff can be pretty cool.


Actually, my husband probably won’t play this with me. It is more of my type of game. But I think it looks amazing and would be amazing to play co-op! I haven’t started it yet, but ta-dah! It is one of the games that is coming with my PS4! Super excited!


This looks fun! I mean, skinning animals, selling and making loot. Full on exploring and discovering. And what you find in Co-Op can be used in single player game… or so I read. We watched a video on YouTube and it just looked like so much fun. (And confirmed how much I want to make a YouTube Channel one day. *laughs* It would be mostly me, but on some co-op stuff, my husband would appear. Maybe even one day, he could put videos of his games as well! I mean, for like Battlefield and such, that would be a good idea.)

Now, there are probably a lot more, (remember, excluding war games) and I have no idea what else is really out there. And no, I am not a fan of MineCraft at the moment. And we don’t play Diablo. So…. any ideas?

Your opinions? Or stories about other couples who are both Gamers.


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