Dragon Age: Inquisition

Yes, I know I know…

I have started yet ANOTHER game. Let me tell you why:
My husband has gotten me a PS4! So we now have two in the house. Which means we can play Elder Scrolls Online together now! Even better, the PS4 he bought for me ALSO came with Dragon Age: Inquisition! I have been wanting to try this game as well!

Let me tell you, it is quite fantastic! I am enjoying this greatly! It is easy to get a hold of the mechanics of the control which is a huge plus for me. Especially when I keep jumping between Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age. Two games where I have designed my characters… I just have to not be as lame and figure out how to take a picture of my characters without having to do it on my phone. Gwah…..

I love the options of choosing what I say. What I say has effect on whether people like me or not. It will effect my relations and such. And once I got into working on a crusade essentially, it is almost like free roam! I can go wherever and do what I want to work, or go straight to the story line. And let’s face it, there is no way I went straight to story line. I died a few times, because I went into sections I just wasn’t quite ready yet, but I am going to have to learn how to armor up and upgrade all party members so that they are all at top performance for me. I don’t like playing the other characters, but I will jump to them to force them to drink a health potion when they are being hard headed and close to death.

The only thing that bothers me is the map set up. I wish they had more of a local map that was much easier accessible. Okay, it is still easy, but not quick. I have to jump to about two screens to really get to it, and seeing as I am constantly checking on it to make sure I am going the right way, it is becoming a slight pain. But I like what I have accidentally run into because of my random wandering. I was going to aim for doing all campsites before even going along with story line, but with some of the difficulties I ran across proved that I may not want to do so. I got whooped by a bear in one area. It was a little too hard for me. But then I went towards the area they were saying for story line, and the bear was much more my level. Lesson learned – kind of. I am still wandering around. I have so many side quest like things that I will be working on those for a while probably. And I am not ashamed. Whooo!

Character interactions are funny. Like Varric right now. He bugs Cassandra and seems to get along with Solas. Their banter is funny and I like to pause and listen to it to make sure I don’t miss it.

Oh, and those who like hearing/understand what they say, I recommend having subtitles. They are on top and out of the way, but they have helped a couple of times. Purely because sometimes I don’t realize how loud or quiet it may be at times.

So far, I am quite happy. And I do all of the goody-goody choices, I know. I cannot help but be a good person in games like this. (Even in Fable, all of my choices were considered Heroic and lead to the very very good side. Yup. I can’t help it.)

But I am super excited about possible story lines and the almost endless seeming possibilities! I have a confession though: Never have played any of the Dragon Ages before, so there are probably stuff I have no idea about in regards to personal story lines and possibilities!

So much to do… so little time… SO MANY GAMES.

If I didn’t have to worry about a full time job, I’d get to do so much more with these games…. But then, so would everyone else.

So, how are you loving the newest Dragon Age game? I bet it is amazing. Let me know what you’ve picked! I have a female Elf rouge (I believe) using double daggers and it seems to be working out for me pretty well.


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