So Hooked on Dragon Age….

It feels like I have been playing Dragon Age non-stop… you know, between real life stuff. Starting different missions and realizing that sometimes I might not have the most up-to-level people. I should work more on buying some Weapons and Armor… I will try to work on that as soon as possible. But I am so caught up on the story line…

And I will sound ridiculous because apparently everyone knew this before the game:
There are ROMANCE options!

Yes, I know. Everyone knew before hand. Except me. I get it. I totally deserve the blah for not knowing. I got so excited when I found out though! And I wish I could try all options, but I would have to play the game over and over for long periods of time if I were. So I am just choosing one and I will look at all others on YouTube. *laughs*

Iron Bull is funny, and I almost chose him, but then I decided to go with: Cullen! Probably most common option, I know, but I couldn’t help it. But I am looking online about Iron Bull and it is HILARIOUS! -My apologies, THE Iron Bull.

Anyway, that is now why you are clicking today…. The game is amazing.

My husband was watching while I played some of it, and he was impressed! He actually wants to play it now, and will probably after I have finished. He was watching me as I fight the Demon Envy.

Gorgeous. The graphics are stunning, but most of all, I am so attached to all of my characters (except Sera. Eh, she is a little odd… but interesting. But I never use her.) I am trying to figure out proper times to use particular people in my party. Usually I chose a Rouge (Varric), a Mage (Vivienne or Solas) and a Warrior (Cassandra or Iron Bull). This one time, I chose to do two Warriors and a Mage. And it is biting me in the butt big time.

I thought this one time having two Warriors would help with attack. The problem with that? They have to go up close, and that means they take consistent beatings and a lot of revival if they die, or just going through potions QUICKLY.

And fighting this Demon of Envy is super hard because of it. – And starting the battle with LOW HEALTH and NO POTIONS does not help. Not in the least.

But there is a HUGE downfall with my method… I do not use Tactical. Not in the least. And I need to. I just.. usually I like playing my character and go with it that way. But I don’t. But I should. I need to work on it. I spent so much time last night not doing it that way, and I was tired so I didn’t even think of it, that it was the main point of my downfall.

Focusing on my own character so much for story line is a big thing. And I need to level up more. I know some areas that were starting to kick my butt so I knew I had to train and left to do other things. But I get distracted. And not go in the places I should (like finishing the first area. I know I can. I am getting so close. And I need to get more shards so I can bring them to that one place…).

The map of the place I SHOULD be finishing to level up and do the rest of the story line. UGH. And then work on saving those kidnapped soldiers…

BY THE WAY…. They found a way to include UNDEAD.

Fallow Mire. Place gave me the heebie-jeebies. And has the missing soldiers. And I need to go there and save them! Only problem is is that I was getting whooped at one part. I need to level up!

That is my issue in this game: I need to level up! But I am so caught up in the stories, and the characters and wanting to help out and save people and progress that I just haven’t been doing the thing I normally do with ease: Level Up.

I am usually a wanderer. I take forever – according to  my husband (who says I will never finish a game at my rate) – because I like to wander and explore. I like to do all of the side quests and make sure I go just about everywhere and do all that I can. I take on almost all quests (I don’t like ‘evil’ quests… again, in Fable, I will be a true blue hero). But this time, I am so caught up on wanting to do so many things (including romancing Cullen) that I just – failed at the one thing I am good at.

So I have done some research…. just on random things. Because I am stuck on Envy Demon. But let me say…. Everything about this game is so utterly amazingly awesome. ❤

I could talk about story line more, but honestly guys, I don’t want to ruin anything for you. Because it is just that … involving. I could go on about histories and stories and backgrounds and what all is going on, but it wouldn’t do it quite as much justice.

Just… play it.

So hooked that I do not switch games. I should be doing so, like switching back and forth to give comment on all and such, but I can’t. I will try later, but…. I do not see that happening.

Unless I play Elder Scrolls Online with my husband… and I have a few things to pick with for that.

But that is an entry for another time.


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