Lack of Posts? Blame Dragon Age.

Yes, still going on about that. Why? Because there is just so much too it. I could rush around and get through the main plotline, but I am not that type. I love doing a lot of the side missions and getting to know the characters. I have befriended many of them, even when I thought it wouldn’t be possible.

By the way, I about freaked out when my character started arguing with Solas! I was like “NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT!!” because let’s just face it – Solas is an amazing character. He is complex and hides so much. You think he’s just some free thinking type mage and BAM you notice a lot of hints and clues everywhere that don’t quite add up to what you originally thought. I like him. He is generally a nice fellow it appears. And there is that mystery.

And poor Cole. I always feel so bad for him. He keeps telling me I have to kill him if he loses it, and he just dislikes me sometimes because I say I won’t. But.. I know what he is trying to say, it is just… gwah. No. I am finally starting more of his personal quests. Apparently there was a talking to him option that I hadn’t done for a while that I should have done sooner. Because that was what opened a lot of it!

Right now,  I just finished the Blackwall stuff and found out the truth about his past! Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything here. But … sometimes I wish I could type out like the story I am experiencing… maybe make it spoiler entries. But I am also too far ahead now to really do something like that. Because of the fact that I won’t be able to talk about everything because there is just so much.

And even Vivienne. I generally don’t like her, but I have to say, I did feel bad for her.

And Sera isn’t that bad. Once you get over the oddness…. she’s pretty cool. She has a friend thing where you can just do it any time. It is nice! I mean, usually when you are a ‘friend’ with someone, they just acknowledge it or what not and that’s that. With her, you have this special option to have a moment where the two of you just hang out on the roof. It is like the romance option, but for friends. I like it.

And yes, I admit, I go do the ❤ thing with Cullen from time to time, because it is just too cute/sweet!

Varric… I never realized how complicated his life truly is. Especially in regards to the whole Bianca thing. I was just – floored a little bit. Yeah, I’ll still with that.

FINALLY got that game of Wicked Grace scene! And Cullen’s embarassment afterwards when you talk to him… fantastic! I did the fangirl squee, and I am not ashamed!

But one of the coolest things about talking to the other characters? Their acknowledgement of us being friends. Solas calls me the elven word for friend (cannot think of the word right now). Vivienne calls me Darling a lot more after her personal thing. Cassandra used to just say friend (but I may need to work my approval rating with her… haven’t heard it in a while.) Dorian, Blackwall, and Iron Bull have pledged to always be there for me – or the Inquisition. Eitehr way, they had their own declaration of friendship that I enjoyed experiencing.

So. Hooked. Just saying.

And…. just found out I can assign potions and mixes to other party members. I didn’t realize I had to do it for each individual. O.O Duhhhhhh…. I feel like such a newb sometimes. But I’m okay… I blame being so caught up in the story.

I was thinking about doing another run through on this game (on easy instead of normal!) just so I can write more about it and pursue a different romance… would anyone be interested in reading the actual story line and information or nah?

Either way, I probably will play it again. I mean… Iron Bull and Solas. These romances need to happen.

And I need to post my character one of these days.


7 thoughts on “Lack of Posts? Blame Dragon Age.

    1. I am thinking I should have done so. But I actually chose Rouge first! And it is proving interesting, to say the least. I will probably go Mage for… well… let’s see… Mage for Iron Bull. Maybe I’ll do Mage for Solas as well. I like character types where I get to stand back and shoot. I am not a “Get in there and be tank!” Type.

      Which Race did you end up choosing for your character?


      1. I did my initial play through as a Human Warrior so I could get a “cookie cutter”, standard play through. Then I did another play through as an elf-mage to get all of the deep story elements, haha..

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I never thought of Human Warrior as Cookie cutter… Maybe Elf Mage. I should have done Elf Mage but… but.. Bow and Arrows! I should play a dwarf…
        Oh, this deep story stuff is taking so much time. But so worth it! I cannot imagine playing through without it. *laughs*

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I… am a horrible fan. This is actually my first Dragon Age game. I have always wanted to play all of them and never quite got to it. But from what I am hearing that this game is just that much more awesome if you have played some of the past ones. So I need to get the ball rolling. Another to add to my Behind the Times entries.
        Guessing you like the whole series?


  1. I loved the first game; the story is really compelling! The second game.. wasn’t so great. It didn’t deserve a lot of the hate that it got, but it did feel like the development team were lazy with it.


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