End – Dragon Age: Inquisition

I did it! I finally finished the main story line! And let me tell you, I did a lot before I did it. I kept delaying it because I wanted to do everything and there came a point where I was like “I really just want to continue and see this to the end…”

I only have one ‘side quest’ area that I haven’t done. But I am glad to say that I think I am friends with every single character! I am so excited! They all call me friend and it is so sweet and my heart partially broke at the end because I was really fond of a character…

Don’t want to spoil, but if my character hadn’t gone with Cullen, I would have gone for Solas. I know I keep saying that I am bouncing between Iron Bull and Solas as the interest the next time I do a run through, but I really just wanted to go with Solas. My other problem: I would do every single player quest again.

I HUGELY regret not doing the pranks with Sera. Just… ugh. I really wish I did! And with my original run, I helped Cole become more human (and Varric is pretty awesome) but if I were to go with Solas next time, it would make Cole more spirit. But I would SO TOTALLY do the pranks.

But Cullen is so sweet,… in case you didn’t know. No regrets on that front.

I am so attached to the characters… and I will keep playing afterwards to try to get all the stuff done. But…. it was so satisfying finishing the game. Epic.

Now the main question is:

Which game do I play next? Going to be hard to find something that sucked me in like this game did.

PS: Still owe you a picture of my character. Yeah… one day.


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