Oh My Goodness! – Newest Upcoming Dragon Age DLC!

I. Am. Nerding. Out. Hard. CORE.

You have no idea. I was breezing through my twitter feed (which I don’t do often because well… I’m just not much of a twitter person. I promise I am working on fixing it) and this came up:

Now, I don’t know if the video is showing… but OMG!!!!

I am just freaking out over here. I was planning on doing another game playthrough and romance Solas this time for giggles and THIS COMES ABOUT:

I am STILL squealing from this Trailer! I am so pumped up that it is ridiculous! This storyline that I LOVE in this game, and how it makes you interact with others and the just EPIC-NESS of it all. In my playthrough, Solas was like one of my best friends- a great consult. He was like Cassandra where I treasured his opinion and worked to make sure we stayed friends. (If he ever greeted me without saying the elven word for friend, I panicked and talked to him to make sure my approval went up.)

All of these alliances I worked so hard to build – all that I have done to make the world a better place in Dragon Age – and it all is threatened. The alliances may be falling apart.

Now excuse me for the cursing – I normally don’t curse, but I loved what the Inquistor in the game said:

Can one thing in this fucking world stay fixed?!?

I was like “Oh my goodness! So true!”
Which unfortunately reminded me I needed to catch up on the other DLCs…

Anyways. I am dancing and squealing like a little girl.
I am freaking out. I am Fangirling. I am trying to decide if I should go in it with my original Inquistor or if I should make a new one for it…
And I am just-
Running around. My husband is looking into getting the Deluxe edition of the game for me. And I just-

PLEASE tell me that people out there are sharing my excitement! Why don’t I have others near me freaking and nerding out like me?



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