Games I Am Looking Forward To

Let’s take a break from Dragon Age for a bit (for me… that is so hard right now). But with all of my gaming/lack-there-of, I couldn’t help but wonder which games are coming out that I am actually excited for.

And I have to admit… I’m not quite all whooped up about many. So sad. But maybe because I haven’t heard much about what is coming…

But here are a few I am considering:

I know, I know. “OMG not another PS4 REMAKE.” Yes, it is true. But, I haven’t played them yet. But if you have been reading, I have almost all of them for my PS3. And I WILL play them. But it would be kind of cool to have it on for my PS4 as well. Kind of. Eh. I have decided to hold off on playing it until I actually am able to record my progress for my YouTube channel that I was encouraged to do. (It isn’t set up yet, I just have to figure a few things out, and then I will work on playing and posting and what-not.)

But until I do, I have to admit this is sooooo tempting….

I slightly remember something about Dragon Quest. And that is the only reason it has slightly perked my interest. Will I absolutely have to have it?…. as of this moment, no. But who knows, maybe I can be convinced.

I feel like a horrid person for saying it like this, but…

I have always wanted to play some of the “Tales of” games. It has been on my lists for a while, then time flies by and – nothing. Haven’t touched a single one. But I keep hearing about how awesome they are and how I really need to play it one day. And hopefully with this one, I will.

No promises.

YES. This! I mean, I have so much hope for teh Assassin’s Creed series! I loved them. (Well, I watched my husband play, and I am going to go through my run through eventually.) The last one… Just was really glitchy. I hope they learned and made sure this was of better quality. Because I am just excited about the possibilities about this one! Yes, this is one I want to get.

OMG YES!!! Me and my husband are STOKED about this one! This is – it’s just – Ah! One of the few we are actually excited about!

I am still waiting for information about my next Zelda Game (*cries*) and with this newest DLC  for Dragon Age, I will be consumed for a bit (as well as working on getting that YouTube channel up and start playing other series) so I hopefully have no worries about actually having games to play.

But we’ll see.

But let me know, what are you guys actually excited for?


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