FIFA 16 – Fail?


FIFA is a very popular game that usually doesn’t get returned. Or takes a long time before it is returned. But apparently only a few days after the release, there are multiple pre-owned copies on many GameStop shelves. I had to wonder – why?

Well, I actually have a slight idea.

My husband is a fan of FIFA series. Always has been. But he was one of the ones who turned it in only a few days after it came out. What is this huge problem? They changed the controls. They have used essentially taken away a consistant and liked section of game and messed it up. I know, he – along with all the other players – could just learn and practice and get used to it. But it was something they liked about it. Obviously. And throwing off a huge part of the fandom.

Which is why not only was there a Pre-Owned copy in GameStop. It is why there are MULTIPLE copies. This one had two today, and that was just one store. There are copies in GameStops all over this area.

And let me say, that is a pretty big goof? Why change how the game handles when it has worked so well for so many years. There are other ways to variate moves and what have you, but to do it to this extent? That is like Assassin’s Creed changing how to run. They may have tweeked a few handling issues, but they didn’t just down right change it.

That was enough of an issue for people to return this game. Maybe they need to address it and fix it for the next. Because this was a huge disappointment for many of those who used to be very loyal to this series.

What did you think of it? Was the controls a huge thing for you or were you able to overlook it? And if you did, how is it?

Guess What I Am Finally Playing!

Let’s play a session of guess that game~! And it won’t take very long either. I bet y’all will have already guessed the correct one or will with the pictures.

11057996_1172820852746984_2165252451446645610_o 11145150_1172820959413640_538668877189364473_o

That’s right, I am FINALLY playing Tomb Raider! (The newest one.)

I have been wanting to play this for a while and just never did. My husband did try once, and ended up not enjoying it as much. But I figured it would be more up my alley. And it is! I am greatly enjoying it!

I haven’t gotten too far in – probably what most people still consider the beginning – but it has made me jump so many times! My husband got a few good chuckles. One of them involved touching my shoulder to get my attention because I didn’t hear him (headsets are fun and make things a little more epic). Yup. Great.

I love the way they are going with this story. Seeing how Lara became who she was is a brilliant idea! Now keep in mind I haven’t played any of the Tomb Raider games (I know, I need to remedy that soon too) but this just appeals to me.

I also want to say: Who in the world would chose the gun over a BOW. There are so many more benefits in using the bow that the gun is just more annoying!

And my habit of wanting to search an area before moving on is proving to be useful. Except the fact that I am missing one document and one artifact in each area though is bugging the crap out of me. I will have to go back and research. Only thing is is that I want to continue with the storyline as well. Gah.

Now, why am I NOT playing Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed? Because I am saving them for when I can start recording. *laughs*

Figuring out how to take screen shots and having access to them. I might be getting a little better at this.

My Ever Growing Collection

I was going to talk about the newest FIFA game, but I am much more excited to talk about this:

Newest additions to my game collection!



Yes, we went to Gamestop and they had a sale I could not refuse. 4 games for $20. I mean, get the rest of the needed games to finish my Assassin’s Creed collection? Yes please! I have been dying to play them for such a long time….
And I saw Tomb Raider at its lowest price so I had to. Had to. So yay my ever growing collection is getting bigger!

Now if only I could get that El Gato for recording…. and figure out how I want to record my voice I would be fine….

Promised Pictures of My Inquisitors!

Because we all know we had to do more than one run through to try different options as well as other romances.

And apparently I chose similar hair styles and hair color on both. I could have SWORN one was darker than the other. I wonder if I can change that somehow. Anyways, like promised – Drats, turns out the pictures I took weren’t the best ones, but I can live with that. And yes, they are both Elves. I didn’t plan ahead well for that. I didn’t know about races and who can romance and blah blah. Plus, I love elves anyway.

Oyoa (romanced Cullen):


Arianaya (Romanced Solas):
11953466_1162969050398831_747967704211713936_o 11894638_1162969013732168_5839001495374094803_oAnd yes, I have a third one right now. Romancing Iron Bull. Name is Ruth. She is human. And then I am going to do a dwarf. Qunari don’t interest me right now, but I may do that as well just to say that I have done all of them. We’ll see. Anyway, so far, these two.

I really need to get a better shot of the first one. She has better ones that that. *laughs*


My Human Mage. By the way, she has RED hair. Really red, yet I always take pictures in terrible lighting apparently. And next time I am going with a completely new hair style. As much as I wish they had longer hair, they don’t, and these two hair styles are being played out by me. *laughs*

Ruth (Romanced Iron Bull):

12038677_1172821632746906_1947742157560052996_o 12027173_1172821086080294_7166077907758075165_o

Of All the Random – Twitter?

Yes, today I am going to talk about the social media site that I used to be annoyed of:

Would you believe me if I said I used to struggle with this? Trying to get a thought into the world in 140 words or less? Can you tell? Also, did you know I don’t use abbreviations such as “u” or “gr8”? *shudder* There is the struggle!

And hashtags? #TheStruggleIsReal, because sometimes I feel like I just don’t get them. Or I don’t add the right ones. Or am I and I just have no idea what in the world is going on?

But you know what is fantastic about twitter? Interactions. I can see Freddie Prince Jr interact with another Voice Over Actress or talk about the new Star Wars game coming out. Or see Patrick Weekes (you know, one of the writers from Dragon Age series?) interact with fans or other BioWare workers (HILARIOUS by the way). Or just interacting with other games and talking lore or just plain randomness.

It is fantastic! I love it.

It’s all about who you follow.

I know a lot of people aim to get many followers. Me, not so much. Don’t care. I mean, I’m not that interesting – but when I get people who interact back or have like a mini conversation, it is so much fun. Plus people can be funny.

Why am I talking about it?

Do you KNOW how much gaming info or gaming related stuff is on there? I mean BIOWARE is pretty darn active! I love it! And it makes me love that company so much more. I need to start looking at other franchises and see who else in interactive and who else to follow.

Suggestions? Because I still feel like a “newb” and it just – wow.

Tweet on!

So… Where to Start?

I know, I have disappeared off the face of the earth. Sorry. Main reason is still Dragon Age Inquisition. ESPECIALLY because of Trespasser. I have done so many run throughs for different reasons that I haven’t played much else.

ANYWAY, I was talking to my husband and we discussed about how I was thinking about having a YouTube Channel with me playing games and commentary and all of that goofy stuff. Yup. And we are thinking about getting this:

El Gato. I have thought about other recorders, but this seems to be the best option so far. It works with the PS3 (And what about the PS4 since I am apparently playing just that lately? I have no idea. I need to work on figuring that out.) and is affordable.

I keep hearing good reviews.
And compared to other devices… this seems like the way to go.
But I have to figure out the PS4 thing. The whole 15 minute intervals and such just doesn’t work for me.

And I have to figure out how to do sound and put my stupid commentary in. ;P

After that, I need to find out what I will play first!

Now, I was going to do my whole Behind the Times thing where I play all of the Uncharted, and Batman series (though I don’t want to do redo all of Arkham Asylum) and find Tomb Raider and play that as well. And so many others….

Any recommendations on where to start?

My Explanation: Hiatus

Sorry guys! I haven’t been writing much: It is because I am doing all about Dragon Age: Inquisition. I am currently playing the DLC Trespasser (or at least trying to at night after work and classes and all that jazz.)

I noticed that I was writing a LOT about, and so I was trying to be nice and hold off. But oh my goodness….

I promise, once I am done and get it all out of my system (Multiple run-throughs with different choices) and all that fun stuff, I can start playing some of the other ones I was working on.

Unless you WANT to hear all about my experiences. *laughs*