So… Where to Start?

I know, I have disappeared off the face of the earth. Sorry. Main reason is still Dragon Age Inquisition. ESPECIALLY because of Trespasser. I have done so many run throughs for different reasons that I haven’t played much else.

ANYWAY, I was talking to my husband and we discussed about how I was thinking about having a YouTube Channel with me playing games and commentary and all of that goofy stuff. Yup. And we are thinking about getting this:

El Gato. I have thought about other recorders, but this seems to be the best option so far. It works with the PS3 (And what about the PS4 since I am apparently playing just that lately? I have no idea. I need to work on figuring that out.) and is affordable.

I keep hearing good reviews.
And compared to other devices… this seems like the way to go.
But I have to figure out the PS4 thing. The whole 15 minute intervals and such just doesn’t work for me.

And I have to figure out how to do sound and put my stupid commentary in. ;P

After that, I need to find out what I will play first!

Now, I was going to do my whole Behind the Times thing where I play all of the Uncharted, and Batman series (though I don’t want to do redo all of Arkham Asylum) and find Tomb Raider and play that as well. And so many others….

Any recommendations on where to start?


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