Of All the Random – Twitter?

Yes, today I am going to talk about the social media site that I used to be annoyed of:

Would you believe me if I said I used to struggle with this? Trying to get a thought into the world in 140 words or less? Can you tell? Also, did you know I don’t use abbreviations such as “u” or “gr8”? *shudder* There is the struggle!

And hashtags? #TheStruggleIsReal, because sometimes I feel like I just don’t get them. Or I don’t add the right ones. Or am I and I just have no idea what in the world is going on?

But you know what is fantastic about twitter? Interactions. I can see Freddie Prince Jr interact with another Voice Over Actress or talk about the new Star Wars game coming out. Or see Patrick Weekes (you know, one of the writers from Dragon Age series?) interact with fans or other BioWare workers (HILARIOUS by the way). Or just interacting with other games and talking lore or just plain randomness.

It is fantastic! I love it.

It’s all about who you follow.

I know a lot of people aim to get many followers. Me, not so much. Don’t care. I mean, I’m not that interesting – but when I get people who interact back or have like a mini conversation, it is so much fun. Plus people can be funny.

Why am I talking about it?

Do you KNOW how much gaming info or gaming related stuff is on there? I mean BIOWARE is pretty darn active! I love it! And it makes me love that company so much more. I need to start looking at other franchises and see who else in interactive and who else to follow.

Suggestions? Because I still feel like a “newb” and it just – wow.

Tweet on!


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