Promised Pictures of My Inquisitors!

Because we all know we had to do more than one run through to try different options as well as other romances.

And apparently I chose similar hair styles and hair color on both. I could have SWORN one was darker than the other. I wonder if I can change that somehow. Anyways, like promised – Drats, turns out the pictures I took weren’t the best ones, but I can live with that. And yes, they are both Elves. I didn’t plan ahead well for that. I didn’t know about races and who can romance and blah blah. Plus, I love elves anyway.

Oyoa (romanced Cullen):


Arianaya (Romanced Solas):
11953466_1162969050398831_747967704211713936_o 11894638_1162969013732168_5839001495374094803_oAnd yes, I have a third one right now. Romancing Iron Bull. Name is Ruth. She is human. And then I am going to do a dwarf. Qunari don’t interest me right now, but I may do that as well just to say that I have done all of them. We’ll see. Anyway, so far, these two.

I really need to get a better shot of the first one. She has better ones that that. *laughs*


My Human Mage. By the way, she has RED hair. Really red, yet I always take pictures in terrible lighting apparently. And next time I am going with a completely new hair style. As much as I wish they had longer hair, they don’t, and these two hair styles are being played out by me. *laughs*

Ruth (Romanced Iron Bull):

12038677_1172821632746906_1947742157560052996_o 12027173_1172821086080294_7166077907758075165_o


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