FIFA 16 – Fail?


FIFA is a very popular game that usually doesn’t get returned. Or takes a long time before it is returned. But apparently only a few days after the release, there are multiple pre-owned copies on many GameStop shelves. I had to wonder – why?

Well, I actually have a slight idea.

My husband is a fan of FIFA series. Always has been. But he was one of the ones who turned it in only a few days after it came out. What is this huge problem? They changed the controls. They have used essentially taken away a consistant and liked section of game and messed it up. I know, he – along with all the other players – could just learn and practice and get used to it. But it was something they liked about it. Obviously. And throwing off a huge part of the fandom.

Which is why not only was there a Pre-Owned copy in GameStop. It is why there are MULTIPLE copies. This one had two today, and that was just one store. There are copies in GameStops all over this area.

And let me say, that is a pretty big goof? Why change how the game handles when it has worked so well for so many years. There are other ways to variate moves and what have you, but to do it to this extent? That is like Assassin’s Creed changing how to run. They may have tweeked a few handling issues, but they didn’t just down right change it.

That was enough of an issue for people to return this game. Maybe they need to address it and fix it for the next. Because this was a huge disappointment for many of those who used to be very loyal to this series.

What did you think of it? Was the controls a huge thing for you or were you able to overlook it? And if you did, how is it?


2 thoughts on “FIFA 16 – Fail?

  1. I honestly have to disagree with your husband here! FIFA 16 is my most enjoyable one of the series for a long time. I’m usually a casual player as I don’t normally have time to devote myself to one particular game however, I have been non stop playing this when my personal life allows!

    I think the changes that they made, made the game more realistic. No longer can you just beat everyone in your wake, you actually need to think about it more. Need to think about your tactics and how you go about winning. Rather than giving the ball to the best player and running around everyone else.

    This is new level playing field means that even the most casual and amateur of players can now join up online games and get something out of them. This makes the whole game a lot more enjoyable for a lot more people.

    To be fair, where I live, I always find games in my local Exchange shop even on the day of release. I’m not sure why, there are just always there. And to be fair, the price difference between a preowned copy and a new one, with all the extra packs, means that preowned games are going to stay there for a while longer. This may be another reason why there is a few copies laying around.

    Maybe there were people put off by the change in controls, but not in the people that I know.


    1. Huh, that is interesting. I know there were a few that actually agreed with him, including some of his friends. So it wasn’t worth him trying it. *laughs* But maybe he’ll give it another go later on. He is such a fan of that series that I cannot seem him giving up on it completely. I will let him know that there are others who enjoy it still and see where that goes. XD

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