Guess What I Am Finally Playing!

Let’s play a session of guess that game~! And it won’t take very long either. I bet y’all will have already guessed the correct one or will with the pictures.

11057996_1172820852746984_2165252451446645610_o 11145150_1172820959413640_538668877189364473_o

That’s right, I am FINALLY playing Tomb Raider! (The newest one.)

I have been wanting to play this for a while and just never did. My husband did try once, and ended up not enjoying it as much. But I figured it would be more up my alley. And it is! I am greatly enjoying it!

I haven’t gotten too far in – probably what most people still consider the beginning – but it has made me jump so many times! My husband got a few good chuckles. One of them involved touching my shoulder to get my attention because I didn’t hear him (headsets are fun and make things a little more epic). Yup. Great.

I love the way they are going with this story. Seeing how Lara became who she was is a brilliant idea! Now keep in mind I haven’t played any of the Tomb Raider games (I know, I need to remedy that soon too) but this just appeals to me.

I also want to say: Who in the world would chose the gun over a BOW. There are so many more benefits in using the bow that the gun is just more annoying!

And my habit of wanting to search an area before moving on is proving to be useful. Except the fact that I am missing one document and one artifact in each area though is bugging the crap out of me. I will have to go back and research. Only thing is is that I want to continue with the storyline as well. Gah.

Now, why am I NOT playing Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed? Because I am saving them for when I can start recording. *laughs*

Figuring out how to take screen shots and having access to them. I might be getting a little better at this.


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