Dragon Age: Origins

Because I adored Dragon Age: Inquisition so much, I decided I just had to play the previous ones as well!

And did I mention I have the best husband ever? He bought it for me!


With trade in credits at GameStop. Told you he is the best. Anyway, I am very excited to see what all comes from this.

Now since is my first playthrough, I will be slightly annoying because I will aim to talk to every person, do everything, and try to finish off an area before moving on…. if my husband watches, it will drive him crazy.

But now as I start, I understand a lot more of what people in the Fandom are talking about.

My husband said he knew I was enjoying it because I was yelling and laughing. (“TRIATOR!” Was the big one he was referring to though.)

Oh, for those curious, I chose City Rogue Elf. Those jerks! Not even married for a blasted minute! Ugh! XD

Have you played it before? What did you start with? What was your beginning like?