Current Games…

There are two games I am playing right now and working on for the YouTube Channel!


First off, let me start with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune –


Amazing! I am highly enjoying the “Treasure Hunter” type feel, but the guy is completely different then I thought he would be: He is hilarious. He is a bit like a normal guy – and he gives this feel of a “book nerd” that was determined to prove a point. He knew he was right, and then worked on making sure he had the stamina for the adventure. I am probably completely off, but that was how he made me feel. And I enjoy it!

I found myself laughing so much at some of the lines and the dialogue. Fantastic. Only thing that kills me: SHOOTING THE DARN PEOPLE. I mean, I am not the best shot (and I have a couple of trophies for headshots on the game) but sometimes it feels like it is never ending with these things! And… I recently got to a point where the-the possessed monk looking things freak me out. And the red lights going off and I’m underground.. *shivers* Freaked. Me. OUT.

You hit the twist in the story line, and I am just so caught up! I also have been playing it like days straight when I can. (Technically for over a week, but it is only for a few hours a day. This Holiday Weekend though I got a lot of time in.)  I need to edit my voice section, and I’ll have quite a few videos ready! (Seriously, I can do like weekly or bi-weekly updates at this point with how much I did.)

I don’t think I’m near the end, but I could be wrong! I may be close to the end with this game… and I am ecstatic for the next ones! Seriously. Once I get over this whole shooting thing (I’m getting better darn it!) I’ll be set! And I don’t know why they keep trying to tempt me with other guns. I am sticking with the two I have thank you! I do so much better with them.

With all the excitement and on the edge and the OHMIGODWHATWASTHAT and STAYAWAYSTAYAWAY AH!! things I was doing, I had to do something else to just wind down.

So, I started Assassin’s Creed yesterday. Here’s my go:


I know, I know. People are like “Just skip this one and jump to the next! Watch the ending on YouTube!”. But GUYS, I want the FULL experience! I hear that Altair is still one of the best characters! There are a lot of people who like him!

Plus, I have to adjust to the system for this sucker. I am not a pro and need that adjustment time. Darn it. *laughs*

“But it’s SO REPETITIVE!” <– Quote my husband.

But you know what? I am perfectly fine with that. I need some repetitiveness in my life in my game right now. Beating people up and helping the underdogs, yeah… I can do that.

And some of the fun stuff and things in the details … a lot of people have missed it or something. I enjoy it. I won’t be killed by it. It is interesting to hear some of the conversation.

And I have decided: I am doing all the stuff in the city that I can before I even do story stuff. I want to save all the citizens, do all the pick-pocketing, do all the eavesdropping, as well as the “interrogations” before I do story stuff. I don’t want to get cut off from it. I’m getting good at it darn it!

And I FINALLY got Counter Attacks! You have no idea how much better I felt when I could Counter Attacks! I usually just stay in protective positions and wait for counter attack strikes. Get hurt less that way – or so I hope. ;P

Almost died once. I was like “No, no way. There is absolutely no way I can die…” and somehow saved myself by blocking enough. Whew!

Don’t worry, I will not post a whole walkthrough for Assassin’s Creed. I am just going to piece the main parts together and that will be it. My main video focus right now will be all my Uncharted ones.

Firsts in two great series – Not bad for a start I’d say. Not bad at all.

What were your favorite games/series? What about your favorite part of these two games?

Another Game Series…

Bought this a few weeks ago, yet somehow I am lacking in the update department.

Anyway, I have a confession…
I am completely unsure how I feel about this series…



The whole reason I bought it: I was watching my husband play Bioshock Infinite a while back and loved it! It was so interesting…. but we didn’t get very far in it. (Or I didn’t at least.) So I got it because it was on sale with a buy 2 get 1 free thing.

I want to know what happened!

Anyways, why I am iffy, the other Bioshocks look… creepy as all get out! I mean, they sound so interesting though, I just…

Is it worth it? Are the games REALLY good (awesome story) and worth playing through? Or should I jump to Infinite?

If all else fails, I think Bioshocks will at least get recorded of me playing it for the freak out factor. People will get to laugh at me.

Oh, I just realized I haven’t even mentioned playing Uncharted Series! Next entry soon….

Finished Another Game!

And you can probably guess which one:


First Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2, and now The Wolf Among Us!

It was very worth it. I enjoyed it greatly! I hope they do something like Walking Dead and have a season 2. Probably won’t.

But I was left with me yelling at the screen a few times. Stuff like “You’re an idiot!” A good part of it.

Next: Uncharted. So stoked!

Wolf Among Us

I have realized something that I should have done AGES ago: Talked about this game!

My love for this game is high up there. And that’s saying a lot seeing as I never seem to be able to finish it. I am determined to finish it this week. I had to restart a few times because my saves weren’t going online (Playstation Plus… worth it people, worth it) so when I had to get a new console, I couldn’t continue.

ANYWAY – for those who aren’t familiar with a few things:
TellTale Games. Recognize that? I bet you do, because they did an AMAZING JOB with the Walking Dead series! Their way of storytelling just- I am -Gwah! I love it! There is so much involved for me. I don’t have to have a lot of extreme action – though this does have a few button mashing moments or “CRAP WHICH BUTTON WHICH BUTTON” type things.

But the story…. I am just in love with it. And if you enjoyed the Walking Dead from them, I think you’ll enjoy this too.

Essentially, Fables had to leave their ‘homeworld’ or whatever and ended up setting up in Manhattan. Their section is known as ‘Fabletown’ amongst themselves. Regular people – AKA Mundies – don’t know that they are interacting with the characters from the Fairy Tales they grew up with. Only those tales didn’t get everything right.

Anyway… Bigby Wolf – The Big Bad Wolf – is Sheriff of the Fables. Only no one seems to appreciate him. His past makes things hard, no matter how hard he tries to do things right. But something is going on that has never happened in Fabletown, and he is stuck trying to figure out what is going on with resistance from the other Fables.

Sorry,  I made it sound kind of lame, but trust me, so worth playing. So go. Go play it. Love it. This fairy tale nerd adores it.

So I Did It: YouTube Channel

You got it! I gave in. I am now in the world of YouTube! I don’t have a really cool name or anything, because since I don’t have 100 Subscribers, it won’t let me create a Custom URL.

I wouldn’t know what to put it as anyway.

But just so you know, my name on there is “Oyoa Games”. Because well, with the new set up it has me set it up like an actual name for now. And I am Oyoa. And I am gaming. I know… I know… not brilliant but for now, it will work!

Oh, and guess which game I chose as the first video to be the background? The Wolf Among Us. Because I LOVE that game and I need to finish it. So yeah. I hit a snag with it, but I have the sound working on all of the new recordings now so I should be okay. But because there was no game sounds, I did a lot of talking.

I have to get used to the sound of my voice. I will.

I have the video down below, but for counts sake, if you could (plus if you want to subscribe) the link to the video is below.

My First YouTube Video!

What’d ya think?

think this is the link to my channel?

Another Series in My Collection!

First let’s start with this: my husband is awesome. He remembers me talking about wanting to start another BioWare series because Dragon Age is turning out to be amazing. So while we are out getting him an Xbox One (Gamestop has an amazing deal right now) he made sure to get me this as well –


Yes! So excited! I will start this once I finish Dragon Age 2.

My collection is now this:


Huge thanks to the husband!

And he also bought me an ElGato! Soon I should start recording other games as well and see how this all goes.

Did I mention how excited I am?