So I Did It: YouTube Channel

You got it! I gave in. I am now in the world of YouTube! I don’t have a really cool name or anything, because since I don’t have 100 Subscribers, it won’t let me create a Custom URL.

I wouldn’t know what to put it as anyway.

But just so you know, my name on there is “Oyoa Games”. Because well, with the new set up it has me set it up like an actual name for now. And I am Oyoa. And I am gaming. I know… I know… not brilliant but for now, it will work!

Oh, and guess which game I chose as the first video to be the background? The Wolf Among Us. Because I LOVE that game and I need to finish it. So yeah. I hit a snag with it, but I have the sound working on all of the new recordings now so I should be okay. But because there was no game sounds, I did a lot of talking.

I have to get used to the sound of my voice. I will.

I have the video down below, but for counts sake, if you could (plus if you want to subscribe) the link to the video is below.

My First YouTube Video!

What’d ya think?

think this is the link to my channel?


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