Another Game Series…

Bought this a few weeks ago, yet somehow I am lacking in the update department.

Anyway, I have a confession…
I am completely unsure how I feel about this series…



The whole reason I bought it: I was watching my husband play Bioshock Infinite a while back and loved it! It was so interesting…. but we didn’t get very far in it. (Or I didn’t at least.) So I got it because it was on sale with a buy 2 get 1 free thing.

I want to know what happened!

Anyways, why I am iffy, the other Bioshocks look… creepy as all get out! I mean, they sound so interesting though, I just…

Is it worth it? Are the games REALLY good (awesome story) and worth playing through? Or should I jump to Infinite?

If all else fails, I think Bioshocks will at least get recorded of me playing it for the freak out factor. People will get to laugh at me.

Oh, I just realized I haven’t even mentioned playing Uncharted Series! Next entry soon….


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