Current Games…

There are two games I am playing right now and working on for the YouTube Channel!


First off, let me start with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune –


Amazing! I am highly enjoying the “Treasure Hunter” type feel, but the guy is completely different then I thought he would be: He is hilarious. He is a bit like a normal guy – and he gives this feel of a “book nerd” that was determined to prove a point. He knew he was right, and then worked on making sure he had the stamina for the adventure. I am probably completely off, but that was how he made me feel. And I enjoy it!

I found myself laughing so much at some of the lines and the dialogue. Fantastic. Only thing that kills me: SHOOTING THE DARN PEOPLE. I mean, I am not the best shot (and I have a couple of trophies for headshots on the game) but sometimes it feels like it is never ending with these things! And… I recently got to a point where the-the possessed monk looking things freak me out. And the red lights going off and I’m underground.. *shivers* Freaked. Me. OUT.

You hit the twist in the story line, and I am just so caught up! I also have been playing it like days straight when I can. (Technically for over a week, but it is only for a few hours a day. This Holiday Weekend though I got a lot of time in.)  I need to edit my voice section, and I’ll have quite a few videos ready! (Seriously, I can do like weekly or bi-weekly updates at this point with how much I did.)

I don’t think I’m near the end, but I could be wrong! I may be close to the end with this game… and I am ecstatic for the next ones! Seriously. Once I get over this whole shooting thing (I’m getting better darn it!) I’ll be set! And I don’t know why they keep trying to tempt me with other guns. I am sticking with the two I have thank you! I do so much better with them.

With all the excitement and on the edge and the OHMIGODWHATWASTHAT and STAYAWAYSTAYAWAY AH!! things I was doing, I had to do something else to just wind down.

So, I started Assassin’s Creed yesterday. Here’s my go:


I know, I know. People are like “Just skip this one and jump to the next! Watch the ending on YouTube!”. But GUYS, I want the FULL experience! I hear that Altair is still one of the best characters! There are a lot of people who like him!

Plus, I have to adjust to the system for this sucker. I am not a pro and need that adjustment time. Darn it. *laughs*

“But it’s SO REPETITIVE!” <– Quote my husband.

But you know what? I am perfectly fine with that. I need some repetitiveness in my life in my game right now. Beating people up and helping the underdogs, yeah… I can do that.

And some of the fun stuff and things in the details … a lot of people have missed it or something. I enjoy it. I won’t be killed by it. It is interesting to hear some of the conversation.

And I have decided: I am doing all the stuff in the city that I can before I even do story stuff. I want to save all the citizens, do all the pick-pocketing, do all the eavesdropping, as well as the “interrogations” before I do story stuff. I don’t want to get cut off from it. I’m getting good at it darn it!

And I FINALLY got Counter Attacks! You have no idea how much better I felt when I could Counter Attacks! I usually just stay in protective positions and wait for counter attack strikes. Get hurt less that way – or so I hope. ;P

Almost died once. I was like “No, no way. There is absolutely no way I can die…” and somehow saved myself by blocking enough. Whew!

Don’t worry, I will not post a whole walkthrough for Assassin’s Creed. I am just going to piece the main parts together and that will be it. My main video focus right now will be all my Uncharted ones.

Firsts in two great series – Not bad for a start I’d say. Not bad at all.

What were your favorite games/series? What about your favorite part of these two games?


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