Scared. The. DAYLIGHTS. Out. Of. Me.

Oh my goodness.

Oh. MY. Goodness!

For those who have played Uncharted, why was I NOT warned?? These THINGS just –

I think I screamed. Or yelled. Or was yelling at the screen something like “GETAWAYGETAWAY OH MY GOD!”

Whaaaaat? Have no idea what I am talking about?

descendantsunchartedTHIS! These things! I wasn’t sure what they were!

At first I was like “They are some sort of Mutated MONKS!” because they had the lion cloth and the whole looks and just – seriously.

And I am stuck essentially UNDERGROUND and have to shoot these things off? Did I mention that I am not that great of a shot? I did decently enough, but with the low lights and the red light and the warning sounds and everything –

I just about died. Well, I did die a few times for stupid reasons and had to start all over and I was devastated because I thought I was finally PAST that part and it just ugh!

But… I think the husband who overheard me had a hoot. Because apparently I was entertaining. I was NOT entertained.

Not true, it was pretty exciting and all that, but still…

Freaked out. *shivers* Gives me the hee-bee-jee-bees.

I cannot wait to get past this part. Seriously. Wahhhh!


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