Oh… Abandoned Games


Why the picture of this poor toy duck? It appears to be abandoned like some of the games I have started. Now, it may seem like I am actually finishing them (which I am! I am doing so much better!), but I have come to realize that I started some and then got caught up in others that I just stopped playing, thinking: “I’ll come back to that soon.”

I haven’t yet.

Kind of makes me feel bad. But after I finish this Uncharted Game (and Assassin’s Creed) I will start up some of the ones I wanted to work on.





But in all fairness, I would have to restart Skyrim entirely. Because I just….

I might not remember anything from it. Kingdoms I can easily pick that up oddly enough. I have done it before, and I can do it again. Batman I don’t want to start over, so I will continue when I can. What’s funny is that I loved them when I was playing it.

But Dragon Age: Inquisition SUCKED ME IN so much I just went down a different path and didn’t look back. I started realizing which ones I started when I was writing that list of games I want to play and marking which ones I have started and which ones I have finished. It … floored me. Whoa. So I started looking through entries. And ta-dah! I found out when I was lead astray.

*laughs* So after I finish the first Uncharted you see me talking about these games again, you’ll know why.

I am determined to finish them darn it!


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