So You’re Telling Me…(Rise of the Tomb Raider)

I was upset for a bit. Why? Well, I really want to play the Tomb Raider Series (still need to finish the one on PS4 because… well…. last entry…) and got super excited when I heard about Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Until I found out it was an “xBox exclusive.”

Why the quotations? Because that isn’t really the case.
Now, some may think I am being foolish, but hear me out:

It’s just a limited time exclusive!

Seriously. It WILL be coming to PC and PS4!


So there is hope for me! Not that I would let it being an xBox thing stop me from playing it. No, no, no. My husband has an xBox One. I have an account. I would still play it. But NOW, I don’t have to use his xBox one and get used to that controller! (Seriously, it kind of hurts my hands. Odd, I know.)

I just have to wait longer. A LOT longer. It is supposed to be coming out for PC (Windows) early 2016 (so…. maybe in the next few months) while PS4 has to wait until late 2016.

Crap. I have to wait?

No, this is fine. This is fine for me. Because I have so many games to play until then anyway! But still… This is such a relief to me!

Here is an article about “‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ Team Didn’t Intend Exclusivity Confusion”

Here is an article talking about how it will come out for PS4 probably about “Holiday 2016”.

I have to wait. Til next Holiday. I just want to own it and see it in my collection. It can call my name as I finish other games. Just like the current Tomb Raider calls my name. Just….

Thank goodness I have other games to distract me. Otherwise, I may not be so calm.

And for giggles, this should have a link to the video shown on the IGN site.

It may seem like I am the last to know this… but I have had a few people tell me I am wrong when talking to them. So here is my proof! Viola!


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