What to play next…


I did it! (And already posted about it…) I completed the first Assassin’s Creed! Another game off my list!

I am still working on Uncharted, but apparently I am not in the top shape for shooting cursed monks/vampire/werewolf looking things while fighting off bad guys.

Trust me, I tried. It was just bad. Like, I was getting KILLED.

So, I was like “Time to try something else then,…” and I did. I was looking through my MANY games, and you know what I want to play?


You know, one of the FEW games I don’t have. Nor have the handheld consul for. I just –

FOR REAL? That’s what I really want to play. Or something LIKE IT. WHY.


Of all the things…

Any recommendations? While I try to surf through all of my games and seriously wonder why I just don’t want to play what I have???

I could start Assassin’s Creed 2….

But then again, I want something mindless.

Weird, I know.


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