What A Deal!

So, there is this game I have been wanting to try, but usually I am not a fan of the price…. plus there are additional figures you can buy, and it can all become complex….

Disney Infinity guys. What I am talking about is Disney Infinity.

Then, while walking in Walmart (I know, I know, bleh on that place, but stay with me here) we came to the electronic clearance section.

Let me mention, they have the normal starter pack for 2.0 for like $39.99. And that was the PS3 version.

Then my husband found this beauty:


This is like the SUPER edition! It has the starter pack PLUS two additional figures and four additional power disks. See?


Just in case you want more pictures (you have no idea how excited I was…)





Okay… nerdy kid out, because I have some building to do!


3 thoughts on “What A Deal!

    1. Oh my goodness! I am so falling in love with it. I cannot seem to get out of the house! I keep adding rooms and doing themes for each room. And doing the ‘mini’ quests for all of the ‘visitors’ and I just…
      Addicting! Crazy!
      I love that my daughter can play too! She is probably playing right now actually with her ‘character’ but is switching everybody every couple of minutes.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lol! Yeah I had to have a special talk with my little one before we let her play

        “Ok, baby…this console is very important…please be very careful with it…if it breaks it will make daddy very sad” lol


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