Well, Okay Life…

So, as of now, Life is Strange gameplay is:


Gaming is an expensive habit. But seriously, things come up and I had to hold off… (My preorder is still there… for 5 days! And even if I don’t get it within them, I have a feeling it will be okay) but luckily I have a LOT of games to play!

I still have my Dragon Age: Inquisition, but if all else fails and I cannot have access to PS4 (things happen man…) I can still play:


I haven’t started it yet. I finished the first, and this is another one on my list. I was going to say Tomb Raider – but that is another PS4 game. Still… I need to work on that as well.

I have A LOT of games. I do. My husband just thought it would be good if I recorded a newer game for YouTube along side the ones I have been doing. Eh, we’ll see.

(Still itching for Life is Strange. Let’s  hope something happens and I can get it soon.)

Life Is Strange…


Is probably going to be the next game I play! The “Entire Season” released today, and that is what I have been waiting for. I was confused for a bit because I knew people had been talking about it so I was surprised to see that I could pre-order it. But now I get it.

It is like how you could buy the complete season of the Walking Dead.

So we pre-ordered it at Best Buy, and this is going to be the “First” “New” game I record for the channel. (I swear I am trying to improve this YouTube thing and make it more of a habit to get used to.)

But since I have heard of it, I really want to play it! It sounds interesting, and nothing has been spoiled yet!

What was your opinion of this game?

FINALLY – Another Video


Okay, I admit – I have had a VERY slow start this year in regards to my YouTube Channel. I promise I will get better! In fact, I have posted one recently and even have a second one ready to go so I can post it later this week! I am aiming to try to have one video a week at least!

The current Video is Dragon Age: Inquisition -> with a lot of talking from me.

SERIOUSLY. A lot of talking. I don’t know what happened. I think because it is a game I LOVE and ADORE I felt more free to talk? Who knows. Hopefully I get better. *laughs*

And I know what game I will be doing next:

Life is Strange! I know some people have already seen some on YouTube, but it comes out for PS4 tomorrow and it will be the first “New” game I do! Exciting no?

So here it is, the first part in a MANY part series of Dragon Age Inquisition:

And yes, I know the audio clip goofed at the end. I am so sorry.  T.T

Restarting AGAIN – Yet I’m okay with it.

It may not make sense, but if you read my last entry, I can now finish the story.

First off, let me say, I LOVE this place:


The Gamers Club is actually quite a deal if you buy games enough. And you get discounts on other things (Came in handy for Disney Infinity 3.0 figures!). But mostly, I like them because of two main factors:

  1. Price Matching (Even Amazon as long as it is from the Amazon store itself – Amazon Prime is good.)
  2. Easy to work with in regards to returns/exchanges.

Or at least the stores I visit!

Back to my story…

So, I brought in my PS4 that crapped out on me and ate my game (Literally walked in and said to the front door guy “I need to exchange and it ate my game!” I am pretty sure I sounded pathetic from the “aw you poor girl” look he gave me). So I went to customer service, and before they exchange it, they wanted to make sure I got my game so I had to go to Geek Squad.

The PS4 decided to play nice for them and turn on. But they said it was a good idea to exchange just in case it tries to do it again… because once it happens once…

Anyway, brought it to Customer Service – game in hand – and easily exchanged for another refurbished one.

And it works wonderfully! So far. We’ll see. But I think my husband has it so it will save my gamesaves on the PS Network. I will have to double check with him.

Because I lost EVERYTHING. Tomb Raider, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Disney Infinity (2.0 AND 3.0)… any PS4 game I have played.


I was sad about the Dragon Age part (I had already started recording for YouTube and was preparing to edit and put voice together when I found out) but you know what? That’s okay. Now I can thoroughly record for YouTube and what not and just play. And be happy. My YouTube Channel might have more going on it from now on. I am going to try to be more consistent. And now that I have this all fixed… Whooo!

But … New Inquisitor, yes?


Okay, I went heavy on the makeup (I didn’t notice the liner until it was too late…) but she isn’t bad. XD

It Ate My Game….

Many will find this silly. You may understand.

I am slightly distraught. Nothing serious in life happened but this  that I
Refurbished PS4 bought from Best Buy ATE MY GAME.


I went to turn it on last night, and it did this thing where the blue light came on, then it BEEPED and just gave up. Shut itself right off. WITH MY GAME INSIDE. *cries*

Guess which game?

91thinewwml-_sx385_You know… THE ONE I HAVE BEEN STOKED FOR because I have games saves now for the older games and have exported them! New experience… and I cannot even..

Heartache. I tell you. Plus I was going to check on my Disney Infinity House and see if I could pick up Tomb Raider again. I just-

Did I mention heartbroken? I am going to go to Best Buy today to exchange it because it hasn’t even been a week so I am within policy…
Just… *sigh*

So, This thing is addicting….

I told/showed you how I got Disney Infinity 2.0, well… I loved building rooms in there, and working just in the toy box and what not. Well… my husband kicked everything up a notch.

Not only did he get me a PS4 (so now we have one for me and one for him!) he also got me my own copy of Disney Infinity 3.0!!


Oh yeah. That thing. And …


Seriously, I haven’t touched going past the whole INterior part yet! (Well, explore enabled, and I have a sidekick, but other than that, I have like 3 or 4 rooms already built and decorated based off of a theme. I have Beast’s Ballroom filled with Beauty and the Beast items. Then Jack Skelington crossway up top filled with Nightmare Before Christmas items… and a Pheneas and Ferb room!

I love the little mini quests in there. And just decorating. Not going to lie.

But can someone tell me what Gravity Falls is from? I feel like I should know… I will be searching that myself soon.

Anyway, estatic and am just going to play with that between Uncharted and DAI and what not. Oh, and Tomb Raider. So doing that as well.

And build another rooooooom……