So, This thing is addicting….

I told/showed you how I got Disney Infinity 2.0, well… I loved building rooms in there, and working just in the toy box and what not. Well… my husband kicked everything up a notch.

Not only did he get me a PS4 (so now we have one for me and one for him!) he also got me my own copy of Disney Infinity 3.0!!


Oh yeah. That thing. And …


Seriously, I haven’t touched going past the whole INterior part yet! (Well, explore enabled, and I have a sidekick, but other than that, I have like 3 or 4 rooms already built and decorated based off of a theme. I have Beast’s Ballroom filled with Beauty and the Beast items. Then Jack Skelington crossway up top filled with Nightmare Before Christmas items… and a Pheneas and Ferb room!

I love the little mini quests in there. And just decorating. Not going to lie.

But can someone tell me what Gravity Falls is from? I feel like I should know… I will be searching that myself soon.

Anyway, estatic and am just going to play with that between Uncharted and DAI and what not. Oh, and Tomb Raider. So doing that as well.

And build another rooooooom……


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