It Ate My Game….

Many will find this silly. You may understand.

I am slightly distraught. Nothing serious in life happened but this  that I
Refurbished PS4 bought from Best Buy ATE MY GAME.


I went to turn it on last night, and it did this thing where the blue light came on, then it BEEPED and just gave up. Shut itself right off. WITH MY GAME INSIDE. *cries*

Guess which game?

91thinewwml-_sx385_You know… THE ONE I HAVE BEEN STOKED FOR because I have games saves now for the older games and have exported them! New experience… and I cannot even..

Heartache. I tell you. Plus I was going to check on my Disney Infinity House and see if I could pick up Tomb Raider again. I just-

Did I mention heartbroken? I am going to go to Best Buy today to exchange it because it hasn’t even been a week so I am within policy…
Just… *sigh*


6 thoughts on “It Ate My Game….

    1. Oh you know exactly then, because even though I saved the game, I logged on, and all saves were gone. Just – gone. I apparently didn’t back up the saves on my account so it was lost with the Playstation. I have my husband now make sure it updates and saves and goes where it needs to go…
      Lesson learned. *laughs*

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