FINALLY – Another Video


Okay, I admit – I have had a VERY slow start this year in regards to my YouTube Channel. I promise I will get better! In fact, I have posted one recently and even have a second one ready to go so I can post it later this week! I am aiming to try to have one video a week at least!

The current Video is Dragon Age: Inquisition -> with a lot of talking from me.

SERIOUSLY. A lot of talking. I don’t know what happened. I think because it is a game I LOVE and ADORE I felt more free to talk? Who knows. Hopefully I get better. *laughs*

And I know what game I will be doing next:

Life is Strange! I know some people have already seen some on YouTube, but it comes out for PS4 tomorrow and it will be the first “New” game I do! Exciting no?

So here it is, the first part in a MANY part series of Dragon Age Inquisition:

And yes, I know the audio clip goofed at the end. I am so sorry.  T.T


3 thoughts on “FINALLY – Another Video

  1. I received Dragon Age Inquisition for christmas…so I am sooooooooo excited to start it. But, I have been replaying Dragon Age 2 to import the save info onto Inquisition…so every opportunity, I have been playing DA2….I can’t wait! Do you play the Dragon Age App on your phone? That’s one game I always play too.

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