Life Is Strange…


Is probably going to be the next game I play! The “Entire Season” released today, and that is what I have been waiting for. I was confused for a bit because I knew people had been talking about it so I was surprised to see that I could pre-order it. But now I get it.

It is like how you could buy the complete season of the Walking Dead.

So we pre-ordered it at Best Buy, and this is going to be the “First” “New” game I record for the channel. (I swear I am trying to improve this YouTube thing and make it more of a habit to get used to.)

But since I have heard of it, I really want to play it! It sounds interesting, and nothing has been spoiled yet!

What was your opinion of this game?


3 thoughts on “Life Is Strange…

    1. So stoked to play it! I may lose sleep. XD Waiting patiently for a game is not my strongest suit. That is for sure.

      And thank you! I am at that phase where I cannot decide if I am going to be one of those talkers or someone who purely comments about the game…. awkwaed, but fun.


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