Well, Okay Life…

So, as of now, Life is Strange gameplay is:


Gaming is an expensive habit. But seriously, things come up and I had to hold off… (My preorder is still there… for 5 days! And even if I don’t get it within them, I have a feeling it will be okay) but luckily I have a LOT of games to play!

I still have my Dragon Age: Inquisition, but if all else fails and I cannot have access to PS4 (things happen man…) I can still play:


I haven’t started it yet. I finished the first, and this is another one on my list. I was going to say Tomb Raider – but that is another PS4 game. Still… I need to work on that as well.

I have A LOT of games. I do. My husband just thought it would be good if I recorded a newer game for YouTube along side the ones I have been doing. Eh, we’ll see.

(Still itching for Life is Strange. Let’s  hope something happens and I can get it soon.)


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