Walking Through GameStop…

… because my husband got a $5 off certificate and there was a game that caught my eye.


I have never heard of it – and it is a Squeal!- but it certainly  looked interesting. And I guess it is a loving spoof of many different things?

I don’t know… but I JUST finished Life is Strange last night (Oh my goodness I loved that game it was amazing!) And somehow this game called to me. I have sooooo many, but I saw this on the wall and looked at it and my husband said I should get it and-

Here I am. With yet another game. *laughs* At least I am finishing them!

Would y’all be interested in hearing about this game as I play it? Have you even heard of it? Have you played it?

Not going to lie, but this is kind of exciting. How did I miss hearing about this game? Maybe I am just out if the loop.


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