Behind The Times: Assassin’s Creed 2


Told you I’d do one.

Anyways, let me just say that first off, I LOVE Ezio’s character! He is very charming yes, but as a person/character, I find him appealing as well. He has a lot of charisma and he seems to have so much to go as a likable person. He has a strong connection with his family and it seems to motivate him greatly.

And even though it lead to him wanting revenge, in the end he realizes some truth and does something most people wouldn’t do.


By the way…


Oh yeah. I finished this game last night! I am currently working on Brotherhood! Still with Ezio, so I am super excited. But there is a lot of Des-

You know what, that can be another entry.

Let’s just sit with the amazingness that is Assassin’s Creed 2. Because seriously – THAT ENDING!

I was sitting there and when the credits started to roll, I had the same reaction as Desmond. He literally was like “What. The. F***.” Because – I don’t want to spoil it for the few that haven’t played it – there was some very interesting twists with the ending.

And then I waited, in shock. Because I was like “No way did they end it there-”

And then there was more talking. And a little more action. ^.^

Can I say that I am huge supporter of Desmond and Lucy? Yes. (And for those who are like “Oh dear, you don’t even-” Yes, I even. I know. I know what happens with them and it saddens me, but I am okay with it. But for now, let me have my little headcannon. Because really… such a shame. *laughs*)

I wish they didn’t have the credits during that ending stuff, because I was like “it’s blocking my view!” but I can also see why they did it.

BTW, I got all of the Seals and I got all of “The Truth” video. Seriously, man… awesome. Just wow. ❤


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