PC Games…

Recently I was talking to my husband about games we used to love – and a good chunk included games that we used to play on the PC. We started talking about it because he recently got:


It’s I guess similar to the Civilization games? He also was talking to me about:


Another game he really enjoyed. So I got to thinking: If I were to get more PC games, which games would I get? I wasn’t ever much of a Civilization type game (although I was a fan of Red Alert). I did more of:


What can I say? I am a fantasy nerd. I also did:


But stopped because I didn’t want to keep paying monthly. (Plus a lot of my friends didn’t get on as much. Then I joined an awesome guild… but again, that whole pay monthly when you are broke doesn’t work well.)

Then I jumped to:



But…. that can’t be all? So I thought back farther… remember these games?


I do! I loved them!

Now I want to find some PC games that I would like. I want to play something on my lovely Gaming computer. Any recommendations? Because seriously, I would love to play a game on the computer once in a while. Just to change things up.



2 thoughts on “PC Games…

  1. simulator wise you’ve got cities skylines and euro truck sim 2, both great
    to the moon is the most charming game i’ve ever played
    many multiplat games are best experienced on pc such as skyrim with mods
    Almost all my game reviews are of pc games if you need further ideas 🙂

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