Oh My Goodness….

How did I miss this? Well, kind of understandable since I wasn’t there… but SERIOUSLY. Please???


BioWare New IP “Revealed” at GDC, but No One Noticed

GAAAH! I want to knooooow. I love BioWare games (if you cannot tell by my time constantly spent on Dragon Age even when playing other games) and I am working my way through Mass Effect right now…

And I am stoked for all of their projects. (I remember when I started playing SWTOR back when it was first coming out… good game.) And this – seriously??? Whhhy. I want to know! I am like dying over here! I cannot seem to find out if anyone found anything out besides his tweet. I hear people are looking up pictures to see if anyone got a picture of him, but –

Nothing yet.

Sorry. This is a fangirling post – yet I am not ashamed.

The Tweet in question:


If you know anything – ANYTHING – you will make me a happy girl. Now to find more information out….

If I get an update, I will let you know. ^.^



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