You Wouldn’t Have Guessed: The Division

I was going to start with: You will never guess what game I played – but I ended up putting the name of the game in the title so those who want another opinion could read it.

Well… it starts with:


And I should start about why I got this game.

My husband and I have been looking for a game that we can enjoy together. And even though I generally do not like shooting games I thought I would give this a shot. It seemed to have a lot of good reviews, plus my husband was excited about it. I think what confirmed it was the fact that my sister had it as well, so we could play with her as well when she starts.

So, as a girl who generally isn’t good at shooting games and tends to not like them, what do I think about this game? I’ll get there.

Here is a hint: I am enjoying this with my husband very much. ;P

Let’s see, what do I want to talk about?

Say hello to my character! I did chose an Asian, because I don’t get a chance to play my own ethnicity often (I did make my Dragon Age 2 Hawke look a bit more Asian though, but that is besides the point). I loved that this was an option.

But other than that, there is very limited choices in regards to customizing your character. Like 7 different faces, 6 different hair (don’t quote me, I could be off) but at the same time, it makes sense. You are playing this for the shooting and other things, not necessarily as a ‘character’ with personal choices. So this makes sense. It was enough to make me happy. (Though I later regretted my sunglasses. My husband agrees. We tried to figure out how to take them off at one point, but then we gave up – for now.)

But we’re not here to hear about what I think about customization and my character – well not fully anyway.

We are here about game play! But I want to talk about something else that I am really enjoying:


The weapons and equipment. You can add the mods to the weapons, and have more than than one with you. A primary, secondary, and a small handheld. That isn’t including the different types of grenades. You can sell the ones you aren’t using or do what I do EVERY game I play: Deconstruct them. I now get parts from them and I can make my own! And I can do the same with gear and such. And for some reason, I highly enjoy that. It was something I liked checking out. Best part: it is EASY to figure out. So there isn’t too much to it. So you do it really quick, make sure you aren’t attacked, then get back into the fray.

Oh, did I mention how nice it is to shoot? Even I can do it.


See that… L2 has the aiming function, and R2 you shoot. And somehow even I can make it work. I can hit the bad guys and I am useful! I have gotten quite a few times where my husband complimented me and I even got us out of a bind! I have had good runs – not all the time – but it is fun enough to keep me going. Seriously, I am enjoying it.

Have I mentioned how amazing they have done with the settings?


Look at all the details. See how almost lifelike that stuff looks? It is just jaw dropping. But then you pick it back up and work on getting those darn hoodlums to help get the city under control.

Oh, I keep mentioning my husband, want to see his character and mine together?


We are in an elevator. Seriously, this game is so much fun and we are both just enjoying it. We try to find time to play it. It doesn’t work as well when I have classes and work. But we try to do at least one mission a night.

I just – wow.

For a shooting game, this is actually turning out to be one of my favorites. Seriously, they have outdone themselves for this. The wait time to get in or that you spend in Que isn’t that bad. Especially compared to Elder Scrolls Unlimited. I had to wait such a LONG time for those. But for The Division, you wait a little bit, but not nearly as much. It is a blast.

I read about the wait that people had to turn in after a mission, but I guess we waited long enough to start that we weren’t caught up in it. And it was worth the wait.

I can’t tell you too much about the story line, for we are only about level 6 with our characters, but seeing as I wasn’t even sure if I’d like it, I am astounded with how much I am loving it.

For couples – or just groups of people – looking for a game to play together, I would definitely recommend The Division. Easy to team up and work together. You don’t lose out on Experience points when you play as a group. That is a big thing for me. We both get a fair amount of experience and I don’t feel jipped at all. We do the missions together and we both get credit and it moves the storyline along. It isn’t just side missions, it is story missions as well. That is a HUGE plus. I like that a lot.

If you want to know anything else about my experience, feel free to ask. Just know that I am definitely enjoying this shooter game. Will be one I play for a good long time.

The Division

PS: Yes, that is actually from my gameplay. I record on my El Gato, and played the video and got the pictures I wanted. That is why you can see my computer stuff on the bottom sometimes.

And if you are wondering what I am playing on, I am playing on the PS4.


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