What The BLAST? Zelda Delayed!


I. Am. DISAPPOINTED. I have been waiting for this game for such a long while. I am a huge Zelda fan (if you didn’t already know) and working on playing the 3DS versions of the game. (And yet I still need to play Skyward Sword, this needs to happen!) And my husband was going to get me a Wii U again once this Zelda came out – but looks like we will just have to get an NX!

ZWU delay

I will live… I will live… I can wait. I swear I can. It was supposed to be this year… I can wait one more year, right?

Zelda Wii U Delayed to 2017 – Also coming to NX

Oh the Debate… XboxOne

We have done this MANY times. We talk about it. We think about it. We GET ONE. And then we play it (mostly my husband). And we decide “Huh, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting/wanting” and debate if we should sell it because it wasn’t being played as much as the PS4.

We have done this about… 2 times already? Maybe 3….

And we are debating about it again. He has more ‘friends’ that play on it, yet they never seems to be on or playing a game he has or something so it doesn’t work out. But there is always that ONE game we want that isn’t available on PS4. This time it is:


Seriously, I have been wanting to play this. You should have seen my face drop when it said only Xbox.

Apparently there are a LOT of good deals right now for them, and one of the ones my husband showed me included THIS GAME. I was on board. Usually I tell him to think about it because I don’t want to have to sell it again… but this game changed that for me. I really wanted to play it. It looked fantastic.

And while I was looking for this image, I came across an interview with the actor, so I am putting the link for that because that is just cool.
Quantum Break’s Shawn Ashmore

So… the debate:
To Xbox One (again) or not to Xbox one. That is the question.


Oh the fun I didn’t expect!


First off, I KNOW. It has been FOREVER. And you want to know why?? Because I haven’t really had a chance to GAME. Seriously. But I am okay. I worked my way through by trying to sneak an hour a week at least. Yeah… it was cruel.

But now, I have a little more time, PLUS I have some fun news! Guess what my husband got me!


That’s right. Not only is it a “New” 3DS (literally the name apparently) but it is the HYRULE GOLD EDITION! Being the huge Zelda fan and loving most products that come with any sort of relation to it, my husband splurged and got this for me. (It even has a clear case so I can still see the design.) He has a Red New 3DS and we got games so we can play them!

Oh yes. Yes yes yes.

We have done our little sampling and I can tell you about these games already.

Let me tell you how I am very surprised at how fantastic Mario Party: Island Tour is? With one cartridge, up to 4 people can play together? My husband and I tried it and it worked amazing well. We had fun, there was no issues, no serious lag or anything. It was a very enjoyable experience (Except when Boo beat us. Seriously, we were in the lead the entire game… and he sneaks up on the LAST Turn and BOOM, he is the winner. For real.)

Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is just how I remember it for the N64, which means it is amazing. I have to say, turning on the 3D actually made it seem like it was a much higher quality graphics than it was. But I can only handle so much of that at once. But I am still loving it.

Super Smash Bros 3DS… I have to adjust to the controls and I found out having the Amiibo is essentially having a character that you train, upgrade and improve but you don’t actually play it. You play AGAINST it. Huh.

Project X Zone 2 is actually one I am not playing. That one is purely my husband’s but he says it is amazing.

So short version:

Mario Party = awesome for couple gaming
Zelda = Forever amazing still
Smash Bros = Kind of expected
Project X = Husband loves it.

Oh, and yeah:


Can you tell how excited I am?